BeamNG drive - Jumping Trough Shipping Containers With Cars

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BeamNG drive - Jumping Trough Shipping Containers With Cars

I'm active on YouTube for a while with over 85 million views and 110,000 subscribers today ;)

----------------------------------------­------- is a soft-body physics simulation game developed by the BeamNG company and first released in 2013. As someone who’s a fan of simulation games, particularly physics simulations, I started to play I was impressed with the accuracy and detail of the crashes as the game boasts a real-time, soft-body dynamic physics structure using algorithms for physics calculations in real-time. The result is stunning car crashes upon interactions with various objects and other landscape obstacles.


Game Official Website (you can purchase & download the game there):


Check out my website: BeamNG-FUN merchandise store: PC Specs: Tips & Tricks: game

Hmmm... I would give it a try

Used to do this kind of stuff in Gta. Lol

wow really hpw ypu make it this great view in youtube ?

it is very good game.

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Lovely post! Subscribe, not to miss new posts

Is this some kind of hack you use to get around with that massive truck ?

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