Parsec Frontier Starts Airdrop Campaign! : Free Tokens Equal to 12$!

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More Gaming?

So, as you might know, I really like the Parsec frontier project. It is the first big step for gaming and gamers on the blockchain. And today I have some good news for everybody that wants to try to look closer at the project and even get some free tokens! Today Parsec announced that there will be an airdrop of tokens to everybody that support their media channels. It is free to join, and it might even get you interested in the project! I will quickly summarize why I like this project and what we can look forward to seeing what the developers and the game can deliver.

What do we know so far about the game?

So far, we know the game will release with a focus on exploration player driven economy and crafting some time after the release. With that said the team will be working closely with the community and player base to develop the game to everybody’s liking. The way the team communicates on discord and answers when you ask them anything I have high hopes for the game, to me it feels like the team really understands that if the player base is not happy the game won’t succeed and that is something rarely seen in today games let alone MMO’s. the game will also have PVP enabled down the line this won’t be a feature at the initial launch of the game but is set to happen sometime after the initial release.
(please see the roadmap linked below for full schedule)

How are the games Graphics?

Currently, there is only a limited amount of information about how everything will look like graphics wise. However, so far It looks good! I have played eve online for years and from what I have seen so far if you have played EVE Online with medium to medium-high settings the games are going to look quite similar, of course, there will be gameplay differences and design differences. I can’t wait until more information is released as I will more than likely post more updates on the games graphic and playstyle of the game.

Can you earn money on the game?

This is the thing that I really enjoy about anything built on the blockchain, you own everything! That means you see that trash ore you just mined out of that asteroid? Yea that’s right it's yours! If you can find somebody that wants that ore for the currency used in the game go ahead and sell it! You can trade the in-game currency for real crypto and use it on any exchange! Ownership gives you not only power over your own items but also the opportunity to earn some pocket money by playing a game you will hopefully love! And if you find a secret mining spot with a ton of high-quality ores? Jackpot you just made a lot of crypto by playing a game! Ownership is key, and I can’t wait! If this game is a success and other game companies follow it just think about the possibilities! Diablo where you own every single piece of gear that drops? A boss encounter that dropped a sought-after item? Sell it if you don’t need it! The possibilities are endless!

How can I participate in the airdrop?

Here is the great part about this airdrop, you don’t need to show any ID or fill out any KYC. All you must do is join their telegram channel and follow them on Twitter. That’s it! And this airdrop is not a tiny one either, usually when I see airdrops from projects that looks decent and have caught my eye you only get 5-10 tokens. Parsec gives you tokens of a value of 12$ that is about 26000-parsec tokens! Remember because the tokens are used as an in-game currency there must be a lot of them otherwise there would be issues with the economy. I really hope you are as excited for this airdrop as I am!

Finaly done?

Airdrops can be a good way to acquire a bit of money for anybody even if you don’t like the project advertised. You never know if the value of those tokens will go up or down, and in my mind, I have no doubt that the value of Parsec will only increase when the game launches. It looks promising and I hope some of you wants to join me on this adventure!


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