After Action Review.... Tell Me Why!

in #gaming3 months ago

So this game has been out for a while and it has taken me sometime to ultimately come back to complete this review. With many revelations coming to pass and with many things being corrected in the story with how much information the kids have been given throughout this game from multiple different sources. It is still very hard to try and put into words how the game will ultimately make you feel. It has the plot twist you are looking for and many revelations that you will have to decide for yourself.

With how I finally got to where I am in the story I was glad with my choices and how I helped each character get to where they needed to be at the end. Truths came out and the help they need is being sought out. I'm also glad they ultimately decided to cell the house. They needed to get away from that town in the long run. There is too much history for them left even after everything is brought up.

But ultimately I do not want to give too much away. There is no real action it was just a simple narrative investigative story. It got what it needed to get out without making it overly hard. I'm glad I finished it and I feel it is worth a play from anyone. I'll be finishing this review with my rating as it slowly climbed from chapter to chapter. This game is a 9.9/10. An almost perfect score from me. It is well worth a see.