Callisto Protocol..... Discussing the teaser Nightmare Fuel from the creator of Dead Space.

in #gaminglast month

So there are many things I did not get to talk about while making this because I wanted to stick mostly to the subject. Being an advid fan of dead space does not mean I wish they recreate the entire dead space game into this. I love what I got with the original dead space and I would never wish tot change that. From what we see right now there are elements coming over from dead space and I hope that they also bring the horror they talked about when EA almost cancelled dead space for in the first place. So in the long run would I love a carbon copy of dead space... Hell yea. Secondly would I wish they make an amazing horror game that doesn't focus on jump scares. Yes. But from what i've seen in the teaser. I do not think we will be disappointed.

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