Is Illfonic going to ruin another game based on a movie franchise?

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Illfonic is a company that has over the years had very well hyped games but have done the same thing upon release. The releases for many of their older well known titles have come and gone for one reason or another they have flopped to fans dismay over their name. Evolve seemed to be an amazing title with many ideas in the works but so many things appeared to go wrong for the attempt at a asymmetrical monster vs team of 4 game.

The game fell off my radar shortly after release I just lost all interest in it and the game appeared to quickly just die int he eyes of many. But soon after this a fan favorite horror movie genre was being developed by Illfonic. Was this another game that was going to break out and surprise us or was it going to just turn around and disappoint us one again? (Illfonic has made other games. None being as notable and actually being dead on arrival).


The Friday the 13th game. The title alone got horror fans excited to finally be able to play as one of their favorite killers from horror movies. But this game soon came with many issues. The beta where most of the alpha bugs were suppose to be worked out. Well lets just say those bugs were worked out before being provided to the public. Even to this day glitches that let players become untouchable by the killer are so rampant in the game that its just as unplayable 2 years later. But wait what about the DLC we were promised? Cancelled. What about game fixes? Cancelled. All of this stemming from the creative rights lawsuit regarding the first movie.

So they cancelled fixing the game and decided to blame someone else for the matter. Made millions off the game and did nothing right by the fans. Sold skins on their kick starter and website but gave us a broken mess that the player base is so low on and that glitchers cheat in every map. Why should I expect this company to do right by anything they do after this point?

They have JASONX from one of the worse movies in the friday the 13th franchise skin coded and in the game. But the deny players the ability to use it. But still sell you camp counselor bathing suits to this day. But they say they can't because of this lawsuit but still come out with the switch version of this game? Like how is this justified. Why did I give my time and my money to a company that just seems to be doing all of the wrong things?

I don't know how many would agree with me on this front but the game wasn't around for long and just appears to be a dead game at this point with no big changes or skins coming out at any time in the future.

This now bring to me Predator hunting grounds. Another game Illfonic got their name attached to. But I want to talk about an elephant in the room first. There is a small segment of fans that are upset that the female predator is so small. They are saying that the female predator should be larger than the male and is suppose to be stronger. Their basing this off of 1 comic in a series of predator. From my research I can neither confirm that this dark one predator comic is even considered canon. So take that for what its worth. But one one cares about your screeching.


The game for all intensive purposes is another asymmetrical team vs monsters game. Well we have seen how those have gone for this company so far. It also appears to be a Epic game store and PS4 exclusive. Fanboys of the console appear to think that hype for this game is a good thing. But I am not sure they have seen Illfonics success record with games of this type. This is what kind of worries me in the long run of how long could this game last under a company like that. I have played the Beta. About 12 matches. Connection issues and finding players seemed to be an issue. Yes I have completed everyway of ending a match. I completed the mission and escaped, I killed the predator and let him set off his bomb, I have killed the predator and collected his body for the government, And I have died to a predator. Also speaking about dying to the predator if the predator uses the long kill animation on you. You as the player actually get pulled into a cut scene of the predator killing you. its actually an amazing touch to the game. But the problem is it doesn't add anything to the game. If you do a long kill anumation it leave sto getting swarmed and killed by his team so its literally pointless.


Do I feel the predator game should have been exclusive to certain vendors or platforms? No I honestly don't. Its more of a dislike of epic than it is for a dislike of Playstation fanboys. Although at this point starting to think their both terrible for the gaming industry.

Honestly I want Illfonic to prove me wrong a release an amazing game. But with their track record and my dealing with the company thus far I am not impressed with what they have done and what they are giving us.

But I have a request IllFonic. PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE!!! From the beta though i'll give this game a 6/10 pending full release.


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