steemLore: results for the banner image request

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This is an update on my steemLore project. The project is about a story driven, interactive collection of minigames. See the introduction post for more information. If you like, you can also visit @steemlore and give him a hug.

Last time I asked for a banner image for the @steemlore account. I got three really nice graphics from @abdulmanan, @kizzbonez and @dksart. Please browse their posts and leave them a nice comment if you like their work as I do. I really liked them all since each of them had their own unique ideas. So I needed some help from the german community to decide who is going to make it and these are the results.

steemLore Logo


contribution of abdulmanan

I really liked the idea of having a book framing the account information. Everything blends in nicely and the font is not too hard to read. There is no post to the contribution befor the deadline which is a little bit sad because we had close contact almost the hole time and I already got his final entry days ago.


contribution of kizzbones

I almost missed this contribution but this looks really stunning. It has a darker, mor threatening look. Account information are clearly visible and easy to read. Utopian Link


contribution of dksart

This one arrived without further notice and really close to the deadline. Sadly it just don't work as an account banner because of the white font color. Utopian Link


These are three really different contributions and, as I said before, I like them all and it was really hard to decide. I appreciate the work of the contributors. We came to the conclusion @kizzbones contribution just looks best as an account banner. So he is going to get the 10 SBD.

Since I have some extra SBD to spare and I can use the other graphics as well I will transfer 3 SBD to @dksart and @abdulmanan as well.

Hope I don't upset anyone, but there can only be one profile banner and I am not that wealthy I can pay everyone what he deserves.

Thank you so much for all your work and see you next time. For everyone else: Don't vote on this post. Visit the artists and leave them an upvote and a nice comment perhaps.


@kizzbones Congratulations <3
and @derasmo Thankyou for the Reward <3

Can't wait to read your stories!