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This is an update on my steemLore project. The project is about a story driven, interactive collection of minigames. See the introduction post for more information. And if you like, you can also visit @steemlore and give him a hug.

The bot is (finally) in a state where I don't worry about not getting it done. If you are interested you can see my devblog about the latest development. But today I want to talk about the reward system and how payouts are split among the players.

steemLore Logo

how much will you get

For each minigame there will be a new post. Rewards will depend on this posts value. From this value there will be 25% curation rewards, thats yours anyway.

Part of the remaining 75% will go to the author of the story. I want to have well written stories from different authors and want to reward them for their work too. How much this will be depends on the story. There will be stories for minigames that get posted frequently. These will get a smaller share than stories for unique events.

I want a part of it too and to be honest, downpowering steem every time and share them too just seems too complicated. So i will keep them and give all the SBD I get from this post to the players.

Here is an example:
enter image description here

This is a theorethical calculation. Right now you could buy twice the Steem from the SBD of a payout than you get as SteemPower. And this may change when prices develop.

winteam joiner

A problem that bugged me for some time was, how to motivate people to not just join the winning team and have some real competition.

If I would give all the rewards to the winning team thats exactly what would happen.

So there has to be some kind of trick and I just figured this out today. Give the winnig team a little bonus but split the remaining rewards so numbers will only decrease individual payout.

so thats what I do

I am still calculating with above values:
calculation of individual payouts

Values shown are rewards for individual players. I am going from 5% up to 25% bonus rewards. I will go with one of these and tweak it if I think its neccessary.

sponsored games

I plan on giving people the ability to sponsor a game. Sponsored games will be additional to regular ones. This still is only an idea but I think it will be this way: Transfer an amount of SBD to storybot and a game will start with this amount added to the player rewards.

I would like to let the person select the story of choice too. We'll see how this develops.

So, thats it for this update. Please tell me what you think about it.

See you on steem.


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ich find die idee echt gut! :3 und wenn du deutsche autoren suchst bin ich mit dabei :3 mein englisch ist leider... nicht das beste, sry :c
aber ich sehe darin immer noch echt potential! :3 wird es verschiedene supportete sprachen geben? :O