VIDEO: Gamer Deletes Government, Accidentally Wins City Simulation

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Markets are increasingly state-regulated, distorted and restricted, yet we're warned against "unbridled capitalism." Well, sometimes truth reveals itself in the most unlikely places.

“Today, I want to make a place where there is no laws” --- these words sounded innocent enough coming from a gamer by the name of Gray Still Plays.

“Everyone just does whatever the hell they want, the people run free raping and pillaging each other for the benefit of… well I guess just themselves.”

The YouTuber---with a whopping 1.5 million subscribers---made sure to edit his now-viral video with stock footage of flames as he described the anarchist dystopia he was prepared to create in Citystate, a city-building game reminiscent of the classic SimCity.

“It’s going to be anarchy---I want as little government involved as possible.”

Oh boy… this is going to be fun

“Okay, so we’re going as anarchy-esque as possible here in the beginning,” says the streamer as he sets up the custom map, “it’s probably going to take a while to get to full anarchy.”

With the option to decide the basic values of his city, the unassuming gamer chooses “strict enforcement of private property” and “individual judgement, responsibility, and self-ownership.”

Good Start:


Next he gets to choose the type of economy:


Then, which school of economic thought: Austrian or Keynesian?


“‘Should the government provide housing programs’---no!,” shouts Gray as he selects the “housing market will remain entirely driven by private stakeholders” option:


Next up, “How should criminals be dealt with in the justice system?”

Gray hovers over the “prisoners are all assigned to private jails” option, then notices another choice, “Criminals are required to perform penal labor for their time of detention in private jails.”

The YouTuber eagerly picks the latter.

Before long, though, the wording of the decisions between government involvement or abstinence became misrepresentative of true anarchism, like when Gray has the option to let the state “fund programs for gender equality.”

Naturally, he chooses the “no support” option---but the paradigm within which the question is proposed is flawed, because ultimately the government cannot really do anything to help women in this regard.


Gray’s “anarchist hellhole” quickly begins to spiral into a government-abolishing spree:

  • Immigration Control? Nope.
  • Taxi Cab Regulations? Uh… hell no.
  • Criminalize Drugs Use? NEVER
  • Climate Change Regulations? LOL

It’s around this time, however, that the unsuspecting YouTube personality starts to notice something odd taking place in his simulated city.

“Is this our high class guy?” he asks curiously while hovering over a massive home property, “Look what this guy has, the guy has like a 4-floor freaking mansion, with a giant ass pool. Damn!”


“Actually, this whole area is a pretty upper class neighborhood, the rest of it all is middle class, everyone has big ass houses and everything. These guys over here are living in the trailer parks, but I mean, you know, right down the road, big money!”


  • State-Sponsored Wildlife Preservation? NEVER
  • Taxes on Tobacco Products? You know the answer.
  • Labor Laws? Not in my Utopia!

At this point, the wonders of a stateless society start to kick into overdrive.

Hotels start springing up everywhere---modern elaborate structures that scrape the sky.


Traffic in the city skyrockets, hitting maximum capacity, unlocking the “monorail” construction option as Gray exclaims, “I don’t think we’ve ever done monorails before!”

A couple minutes later, “What in the holy hell is this!? I’ve never seen that before!”


  • Limit Foreign Investments? Hell No!
  • Regulate Private Educational Institutions? Think again!
  • Ban Private Security Forces? The military hates competition.

“Solari City---I can build this now!” Gray is now exclaiming as he unlocks another new structure, “Look at this thing! I don’t even know what it is!”


2.6 million views later and the verdict is in---according to GrayStillPlays, “I think we did it, and I think we know what type of government is superior---anarchy for the win, I guess.”

Checkmate, statists!

Although “just a game,” the hilarious viral video (watch it HERE) ironically demonstrates that the solution to the cancer of statism is to remove it. This entertaining experiment probably red-pilled a ton of young people to what actually happens when bureaucrats and busybodies get in our way.

Centralized government is destructive, inefficient, and obsolete.

I’ll be speaking at G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT from June 7-9, where I’ll share the stage with thought leaders like Robert Kiyosaki to help truth-seekers understand how the world really works.

As individualistic as libertarianism is, community is still very important as a check against tyranny, and as a driver of civilizations. Those of us who value the non-aggression principle are so committed to the future that we’ve already started building it. One manifestation of this is Liberland, a new sovereign state located between Croatia and Serbia. You can learn more about Liberland HERE.

In the same vein, our annual Anarchapulco events in Mexico have captured the spirit of unapologetic freedom coming together as a voluntary association under shared values.


This year’s gathering was a huge success, shattering all previous attendance records and highlighting an optimistic outlook for Life Unchained.

We’re charging full steam ahead to Anarchapulco 2020, with pre-sale tickets available now. To join us, Reserve Your Space!

When we finally free the market and abolish politics, liberty will flourish like never before.



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Hahahahahaha government is the 1# killer of humans in the last century.

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just watched the video. Freaking hilarious!

Naive world view....

Love this video when the guy figures out how Anarchy creates abundance.

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