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As our world evolves and new technologies spring up almost on a daily basis, the need for resources to power these new technologies also increases. These emerging technologies are all computer based and require very large processing powers to work. And in the past, it was thought that the computer processing power was infinite; this school of thought arose from the fact that back then, the computer world was largely unexplored and undervalued. But in recent times, the sheer number of emerging technologies and digitalization speed has brought to reality the fact that computer processing power is actually finite. This realization has not really hit the world per say but the mark of a great project is the ability to discern a future problem and at the same time, proffer a solution to either curb the problem as it unfolds or totally prevent it from happening.
Also, as it is gradually dawning on us the possible problems posed by the scarcity of computer processing power, it becomes a matter of urgency to find an alternative source of processing powers for emerging technologies. The first step towards this is finding a new means of generating the much needed computing power and then, how to monetize it in a transparent manner such that they are providing these resources are adequately compensated. The above mentioned two steps are very critical if any headway is to be made in the quest for a sustainable supply of computer processing power.

To this end, the concept was conceived and born.

What is the Project? is a software designed for gamers to harness their largely unused and massive processing powers and monetize it. has discovered that gamers have massive and untapped computer processing powers at their disposal which if harnessed, can be used to power emerging technologies and on the other hand, become a source of passive income for the gamers to fund their gaming habit.
Every gamer has a PC connected to the internet with super high speed connectivity which is exactly what is needed for a successful harnessing and more importantly, there is always a large percentage of idle time on the gamer's GPU when the gamer is not playing and it is this idle processing power that is planning on harnessing and monetizing.
So, basically, what does is provide a gateway where gamers from all over the world can connect their PC and passively earn income on the idle time on their GPU cards through blockchain mining. Also, it provides a platform where gamers can interact with each other and purchase in-game items and other digital currencies.

Unique Features Of comes with several features designed to effectively help gamers monetize their free or idle CPU and GPU processing powers without impeding their gaming time or requiring any extra knowledge or input. And on the other hand, the harnessed computer processing power is then made available to power digital technologies that require it.

These features include:
GPU Processing Aggregation, Admin Management
And Blockchain Mining Software:
this is the key feature of the software that ensures that all processes go smoothly and automatically. It makes the software very user-friendly and easy to use with a simple Windows style of download and installation, automatically configured with full Machine Learning engine that takes the burden of operation off of the gamer. The fact that it runs a full AI operation ensures that the gaming experience of the connected gamer is never affected as the system kicks up only when the gamer is not using his PC and conversely, goes into sleep mode immediately the gamer comes online to play.
Also, comes with built-in wallet for all transactions and safe storage of digital assets and built-in sharing option for easy viral sharing on various social media platforms.
Android/iOS Mobile App: the platform is designed for easy access on any device, not just a PC. This will ensure that gamers of all genre and level will be onboarded.
Mined coin auto-conversion to “stable coin” process: this feature helps a user to easily and speedily convert tokens to stable coins to avoid being caught unawares in the high volatility associated with cryptocurrencies.
Network Expansion Program (NEP) - built-in referral system: this feature is simply for the expansion and adoption of the system by more people. Gamers are incentivized to invite more users as each referral comes with a reward.
Public EOS blockchain integration: the native currency, GMRX is issued on the EOS blockchain. EOS blockchain was chosen because it has so many advantages over it's closest competitor, the ethereum blockchain. On the EOS blockchain, using the smart contract is free, all you need to do is stake some amount of EOS coins. It is also very flexible and runs a delegated Proof of Stake model.
Online Community and Marketplace: this feature provides a secure platform where users can transact on a P2P basis with no third party.


All these features work together to provide a wholesome platform with an attractive look and easy adaptability for gamers to earn passive income from their idle GPU processing power. And for developers, provides a sustainable source of affordable and decentralized computer processing power for digitization processes and products.

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