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RE: Etheremon Game - The Definitive Guide To Making Money Online And Having A Lot Of Fun Doing It!

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You should mention the 5$ just in gas costs a battle of Etheremon costs a player. Thanks but I will stick to Chibi Fighters, I actually make money in that game.

Make real ether while destroying your opponents.
Chibi Fighters is a brutally fun and addicting game.

Come check out Chibi Fighters


If I may correct you, it's not the true... For engaging your "mons " (👹👿👻)in battle you only need some "stamina" and your wallet have to sign a tx but you don't pay anything (thank to a good shaped update). What you say have been right, during the first month, but they find a way to reduce users friction & gas cost by moving to signing fonction.

Yes you will have to pay, as Dapp consume gas, but in the new design you pay gas for 1tx which give you 10 free stamina point. A battle consume 2stamina points. And the gas cost of this claiming stamina tx is (for the last couple of weeks) between 8cents to 16cents....

So for making 5 battles (10free stamina /2) it will cost you [8;16] cents... Which give a cost for one battle of 0.016cent (in good case, or 0.032 cents if gas cost are hight...

Any complement @anomaly?

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. You are 100% right, it doesn't cost anything to battle mons other than getting the energy to attack (and that is just a matter of some cents). And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you may also get rewarded for being attacked by other players which doesn't require any energy cost at all.

Yes, primarily the "cents" given in my explanation above are expressed in €, it may cost a little bit more in $. But it's not so many expensive and it the game for Dapp. Secondarily, concerning your question, yep too!
You don't win eth as rewardsfor sure, but for all battle (won or lost) your mons gained experience points (they are more strong and can evolve or lay eggs). In addition, when you win a battle (anytime, even if you don't make an attack yourself and that just an other player attack you) you will won 0.2 emont (the infuel game currency). Those emont will allows you to pay for mon, stamina or adventure mode.

Keep playing

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The gas price only goes up like that when the Ethereum network is very busy. All you have to do is click the cancel button and try again in a minute, it should go back to a few cents again.

It's an ad masked as a comment, don't worry about it.

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