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RE: Assassin's Creed: Origins, an ATTEMPT to revive the series

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if we're being honest, what started out as a forerunner for many other GOOD 3PS games (arkham series, the introduction of freerunning) has failed miserably in the long run withe decline in game mechanics and overall respect for the audience's intelligence with AC3 which was so promising. This series has become nothing but another Ubisoft cash cow like every other Ubisoft series with Farcry hot on it's tail. Also being based in Egypt should be a positive note for this series (finally) especially with all the occult and ancient mysteries they can pull from being that most of the occult AC imagery came from ancient Egypt, however I don't think even this can save the series. If they're smart they'll finish it here, at the beginning.

OK rant over, it sucks to see a game I loved so much die so hard.


100% I owned every game up until AC:Unity (my favorite in series being Revelations, I know weird) I kept giving the series chances but so far this game doesn't look great, we'll have to see. I hope I'm wrong and that this game makes a comeback for the series because this used to be one of my favorite series that I loved so much.

So true I can't believe I forgot Revelations! The best also in my opinion bringing back Altair was great, I truly hope they turn it around and leave it not with a whimper but a bang, who knows they may use an ancient prophecy in the narrative to tie everything together and give the series some well-deserved closure.

I really hope this is the case but I doubt Ubisoft will end the series

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