Bioware's Anthem: Why we are excited to play it

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How's its going everybody, welcome to a Fowl Play Blog on Bioware's upcoming game called Anthem. All the trailers and game-play footage we've seen so far has got us so pumped that we wanted to do a blog dedicated specifically to it. We hope to spread some excitement to all you viewers by pointing out the main reasons behind why we cannot wait to play it. Enjoy!

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Judging from what we've heard about the story of Anthem so far, we are hopeful that we will be able to jump right into the rich story line that awaits.
What we know is that in this world, the Gods who were creating it mysteriously got up and left it unfinished. Not just that but they also left behind their omnipotent tools known as the 'Anthem of Creation' behind, tools capable of creating anything from nothing. OP
With such immense power being left unchecked, unfriendly folk were able to get their hands on it and in doing so, the world has been filled with numerous monstrous creations (as seen below). Now it's up to you to bring order to the chaotic world.

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That's just scraping the surface, we're confident the story will develop into one the most memorable gaming stories of its time.

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Bioware have definitely outdone themselves with the graphics of Anthem. When playing this game, we know we're going to keep stopping to admire some of the superb landscapes that are before us. It also looks like Bioware have conquered the issue of poor facial animations after the backlash of Mass Effect Andromeda. This game will truly define the words 'Next Generation'.

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The world is just looks so expansive and enriched that we look forward to seeing what other landscapes there are to explore and views to take in. You can go to underwater places and they look amazing! How cool is that?

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Happy Days! A Bioware game with some good story-driven Co-Op play. No more repetitive hoard mode for Welsh Shepherd and Tripping Yeti! Nothing can be better than enjoying such an exciting game than doing it with your buddy. All the more reason to play it, sorry if you don't have any friends.


We'll be able to mix and match the Javelin exo-suits to see which classes compliment each other the best. Games are always better when you can share it with someone else and they can take the load off from frustrating battles so much. We're glad Anthem will be letting us do this.
I want the fast one!

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Finally, all we have to say it Bioware. That reason alone is enough to make most people interested in this game, ourselves included. Bioware have delivered countless great games over the years from Star Wars: The Old Republic to the Mass Effect and Dragon Age Series. The game is in good hands with Bioware and we can all rest easy knowing it won't turn out like Destiny. With Bioware taking the helm, we're in for a great story, memorable characters, good laughs and possibly another emotional roller-coaster. cough Solas & Lavellan romance cough Mordin Solus cough


Now you might say Bioware have lost it a bit after their latest game Mass Effect Andromeda but bear in mind that it wasn't the entire Bioware team working on Andromeda, just one of their studios. This time we have the power of all of Bioware's developers working on it. They will do us proud. They've even given us an exact day of release, that's got to be a sign of how confident they are with this game. No rushing from EA either from what we've seen which is helpful.

Well anyway, after bigging Anthem up as much as we just have, we hope it doesn't disappoint and make us look like fools... Of course it won't. Just look at it!
We're counting down the days and hope you are too.
Its expected to be released on 22nd February 2019 so add the date to your calendar and we'll see you there Freelancer.
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See you next time.


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