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One of the most popular videogame genres of the old generation are the Beat'em Up and for a long time they were in fashion due to the freedom they gave us, some of them, when eliminating our enemies, there were many types and many of them implemented techniques that served as inspiration for other games of the same genre and you could even say that they also served as inspiration for many current games.

Today's Retro Review is from a classic of the Beat'em Up: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.


Normally the games of the genre Beat'em Up lack an extremely worked argument and this is because the main attraction of this genre of videogame in its playability, but to my surprise, this Beat'em Up is based on a series of comics called "XenozoicTales". The history of this game shows us that the planet earth was threatened by a great pollution, which caused disasters and destruction all over the planet and therefore was killing life on it (and if we put ourselves in perspective, this is currently happening with the environment) however, the human race has no other option to live underground to escape such pollution.

In this way, living underground, the human being is able to survive and be able to create great cities for many years, approximately 600 years later, humans decide that it is time to see the surface again, after many centuries and when they come to the surface, to the surprise of the human race, they find that again the dinosaurs have come back to life and that they are populating the planet earth. However, the dinosaurs are being hunted by a band that is clearly inspired by the movie "Mad Max", as this band captures and murders the dinosaurs in order to get money. But as in many games, a group of heroes emerge who are prepared to end the suffering of these creatures and they are:

Jack Tenrec: Jack is the main character and is also a mechanic whose specialty is the Cadillacs.


Hannah Dundee: Hannah is in charge of helping Jack with car repairs, as well as being his ex-girlfriend.


Mustapha Cairo: Mustapha is the best friend of our main protagonist, he decides to help his friend in the task of ending the band that is annihilating the dinosaurs.


Mess O'Bradovich: Mess is a friend of Mustapha who joins the group to help them in their mission. He is the biggest of the 3.



Although Cadillacs and Dinosaurs isn't the best in terms of graphics in Beat'em Up games, I have to say that their style is very appropriate for what the game wants to show us. In Cadillacs and Dinosaurs you can observe the use of a great palette of very bright and shining colors giving to shine both to the characters, as well as to the same scenario, where each of the scenarios present great levels of detail, very well taken care of and drawn. In the same way both our main characters, our enemies and dinosaurs, these have very good designs and proportions of adequate, always within the limit of the plot and the universe created in this game.

It is very noticeable that this game is based on a comics and that's because of the use of bright colors, colors that make the player's view stand out, but that don't feel saturated, since it's quite the opposite because you can observe a fairly decent order of colors in many of the scenarios. A perhaps negative aspect is that in terms of animations of the characters can be seen a little rigid and in many cases they are not seen so fluently, but is not an aspect that affects anything in their gameplay.



A good Beat'em Up must have two very important aspects when it comes to the sound section, the first is to have a good soundtrack to accompany us on each stage where we should distribute our fists and kicks. And the second aspect, are the sound effects of each shot and kick, and although Cadillacs and Dinosaurs pitifully in terms of the soundtrack does not stand out much if we compare with other games of the same genre, but this game has a soundtrack that serves and fulfills its job when accompanied by the stages, however, the sound effects are better worked and really help a better immersion in the game, ie helps each shot and kick feel with greater satisfaction.

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a game where we will find fun from beginning to end, like all good Beat'em Up our main task is to go through all the scenarios that this game has to offer and eliminate all those enemies who have the audacity to want to stop us. With a good control in our characters, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best games that this genre can give us, the control of each of the playable characters is very intuitive and easy to learn each of the patterns necessary for the elimination of enemies.


In addition to this, the game has a good variety of firearms such as: pistols, machine guns and even bazookas and also throwing weapons such as grenades and dynamites, each of these weapons will be used in such a way to help us defeat a certain number of enemies or an enemy who needs the use of a weapon. As for its level of difficulty is a very well-balanced game, with a curve of difficulty suitable enough so that it is not a game neither so difficult nor so easy, it has the appropriate balance to be a very amusing game.

Our playable characters even though each of them is controlled in the same way, they have slightly different abilities from each other:

Jack Tencrec: Jack is the most balanced character of the 4, being Jack the main character, is the one that has the characteristics of strength and speed best balanced.


Hannah Dundee: In the games of the genre Beat'em Up, women always have the same characteristics, and are that they have little strength, but instead have great agility and speed and Hannah is no exception.


Mustapha Cairo: Mustapha could be said to be the best character when it comes to skills, as he is the fastest of the 4 and yet he maintains a lot of strength, almost comparable to that of Jack.


Mess O'Bradovich: Couldn't miss the game's tank, a character who has great resistance to any attack, besides having a lot of life, has great strength, but as is common in characters who play as "tanks", Mess has little speed.


Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best Beat'em Up of the genre, with great charisma and personality, is a game that although in terms of duration does not exceed 60 mins, I'm sure that each and every one of the minutes where we have to advance through the scenarios that offers us, will be totally worth it.



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I am very glad that it has brought you good memories, in a sense it is my intention to do this type of reviews. Thank you

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