Raft "My first impressions" by FreddyFish

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Raft "My first impressions" by FreddyFish


Welcome to My first impressions of Raft

The short review, for people that are not into reading:
The game is good, its early access with minimal annoying bugs. Very peaceful, would recommend playing with a friend to chill out. Lacks a few features which would be great e.g. A rudder to twist the raft angle, hook your friend, more stuff to research and stone recipes.


And now for the full "My first impression of Raft
I will now give my opinions on different elements in the game

Raft - I really enjoyed building a bigger raft to create a catching area for resources, but me and my friend both thought that the lack of wood was concerning. At 9 hours in, we realized we could cut the trees on the island... but since there is no tutorial it was pretty much our own fault.


Islands- While I am still on the topic of islands, can we please get a definitive way to climb them, like really I'm not a parkour expert. Luckily, my friend has found ways to the stop of islands almost every time. But there are some which you see and just know there is no point going there because you cannot climb it.


Researching - It literally takes like two islands to have everything you need to make all of the items in the game, which is concerning because it makes it seem like the game has little content when in reality the content is actually the raft aspect itself "duh".


Difficulty - It's not. Hard, isn't very hard. I don't think that it is because of the hunger or thirst. It's because the shark is just well... Useless. The shark isn't really a problem at the start or the late game because it takes three hits for the player to die. It's easy enough to manage the shark without using shark bait. I think to solve this they should make the shark bait better by either making it work better and make the shark more deadly or just make the shark leave for 2 minutes and be more deadly, so you have enough time to get to what you want.


Building - Please let me rotate walls I have already placed, I don't want to lose resources because every other square it has changed rotation. Also, stone options for the building wouldn't go amiss and would allow you to better utilize stone. I would also like to see different options to twist my boat because if it is of a right angle the boat is less effective with catchers which if you are like me and my friend you need to get the wood because you don't know how to chop trees.


Wind - Let the path of the wind change randomly and sporadically, I want to see changes in the wind that whip me away from the normal and throw me off. I want to see my boat twist in the water (as long as I can twist it back) so that it gets a fully "at the mercy of nature" feeling.


I'm currently 10 hours into the game, and this was my first impressions of Raft!

Where can I find/buy this game?



Launch Trailer

Announcement Trailer



And that's my first impressions of Raft!
I really enjoyed making this review/"My first impressions of", and I have put a lot of work into this, so...!
Please leave a like and a follow if you liked my review of Raft.
Have a nice day, and hopefully, I will see you in the future!

Best regards


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