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Sonic Forces review by FreddyFish

Welcome to my review of Sonic Forces

First of all, Is this game good?
Whether or not this game is good depends on who you ask: critics will say it's bad, whereas actually Sonic fans; while admitting that it has a few problems, claim that they had a lot of fun with it.



Again, this is up to opinion. I personally enjoy all 3 gameplay styles, where other people will say that Classic Sonic sucks or that the Avatar sucks and so on. However, I think that Sonic's boost gameplay in this game feels very powerful, feels very fast, and requires you to actually pay attention when using it unlike what some people will tell you, hold down the boost button non-stop will end up killing you, especially in the later levels, and the more you die the harder it will be to get a high rank on all the stages. Avatar's gameplay has grown on me over the course of the game, there are plenty of weapons (known as "Weapons") to choose from, with every weapon having its own ways of attacking as well as unique perks varying to earning rings from killing enemies, to gaining a boost of speed when you do a stomp. Classic Sonic is considered to be the worst of the 3 styles, and I can understand where those people are coming from, but he isn't completely unplayable, he still has is spin dash, even having his brand new drop dash from Sonic Mania, his levels are great, not too easy and not completely impossible.



I had very low expectations for the story, which is why the game ended up exceeding my expectations when I ended up finishing the game. All of the characters (excluding Tails, unfortunately) are characterized and represented very well, with the voice acting for each being top notch. Especially Shadow, who many fans previously complained about his new voice actor not being as good as his old, but for this game Shadows VA managed to pull of Shadows old voice very well and it sounds great. Knuckles, in particular, stands out as being a very competent and smart leader, which is a refreshing change compared to his Sonic Boom characterization. Silver isn't super cringey like he has been in previous games and instead acts very competent and respectful. There are some good jokes that managed to get some laughs out of me, and I took the story seriously when it wanted to be taken seriously, this is also true for Infinite's character who ended up having excellent voice acting and even some challenging boss fights, which is ALOT more than what I can say for my first impressions from the initial trailers.


Game Time

While you can go through the whole story in about 3 hours, it is made very clear once you start playing the game that the story isn't even going to take up half your total game time. The levels where HEAVILY designed with replayability in mind, such as doing the daily bonuses for score multipliers to get those S ranks. Getting all 5 Red Star Rings in each level in order for you to play each level AGAIN to get the 5 Number Rings, then doing each level A THIRD TIME to get all 5 Silver Moon Rings. Add in the achievements coupled with the fact that many of the stages are very fun to replay in general, and you have yourself a 20-30 hour game.



Sega has already stated that all current and future DLC will be free, and that has held true so far. The DLC is all free, and most of it takes less than a minute to install for something that adds harmless extra content to the game.



I definitely recommend this game, if you are still on the fence about it, get it while it's on sale and I assure you it will be worth your time.

Overall I would give this game a 6/10.

And that's it for Sonic Forces!
I really enjoyed making this review, and I have put a lot of work into this, so...!
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Have a nice day, and I will hopefully see you in the future.

Best regards


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Nice review! I'm really interested on buying this game

Thanks a lot for your comment! I appreciate it! :D

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