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Well we have an ounce of oil a tomahawk 7 + 1/2 packs of cigarettes an ounce of weed water filtration system for 100,000 gallons. Also have solar a motorcycle and on top of that a chainsaw.

Personal weapons one Long blade one medium blade 1 short fixed blade one dress blade,.. all fixed.

Pocket knives I have a Kershaw leek to Spyderco police model then on top of it we've also got the Benchmade 51 + 67....

Long hiking stick check as well as a few different escrima length sticks.

biggest purse just that I had to get besides stockpiling an ounce of weed in an ounce of oil would have to be brand new controllers for the Nintendo switch.

With 10 games that ability to recharge with my solar panel system.... I can survive a grid down event for the next two months with no problem.

We have enough food for I believe a good two weeks. more food with the family and we will see how things go but I think that our local economic infrastructure via those big huge nasty environmentally friendly semi trucks that haul absolutely every bit of the things that we need....

I think those people deserve to get a pay raise.

Just imagine this if they go down there is no commerce. If we took out air travel we would still at least have the local trucking companies being able to move supplies and commodities.

However if you do not have those people driving the trucks then you are going to end up with a lot of starving people in cities.

Next up road piracy is going to start becoming a thing...

We definitely saw that with the police in Wuhan and the smuggled videos of the policeman appropriating whatever food they wanted and the special ruling class had more than enough wow normal people had limited access to food.

Expect prices on food to go up as the supply is starting to run out.

Me and dog got a package of ice cream sandwiches.... Might as well live The Good Life while you have it.


I've got this. And 2 months of videogames? Cool.... No worries.

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