One of My Favorite Games is Coming to Town - The Last Of Us Part 2

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Alright pepz! Last week, I saw the trailer of one of my favorite games - The Last of Us Part 2. The last time I played the game was way back 2013 when it was released for PS3. If your into action-adventure survival horror games, then you SHOULD try The Last of Us game.

Now, the official trailer for game's sequel has been making noise around the gaming community. According to some articles that I have read, the second part of the game is set five years after the original.

Despite my excitement, there is no specific release date that the developer, Naughty Dog, yet to mentioned. Nonetheless, I am pretty excited for the sequel of The Last Of Us.

Here is the official trailer of the game:

If you're into action-adventure survival horror games, then I would like to invite you to play the game!


Thank you for spending some of your time for my post :)