Knuckles Destroys Unknown Boss In Sonic 3 And Knuckles Bonus Stage!! Short Clips

in #gaminglast year

Did these wacky codes in Sonic 3 And Knuckles where you can glitch out the bonus stage and get bosses to fight you! I was so glad to find this crazy glitch!! The strangest thing that happened is a strange boss appears after you battle some Dr. Robotniks in there. These clips only show the strange boss though. I want to record another video showing more of the process that leads up to this. Wanted to capture the weirdest part first.

Here is the first video clip 13 seconds in length. Blue Knuckles is the one who defeats the strange boss in this clip. I love blue knuckles! Will try to include him again in more Sonic Glitches further on

The second one is longer at 30 seconds showing regular red Knuckles defeating the unknown boss sprite!! After you beat the Robotniks in the bonus stage glitch you finish the level. Then the unknown Boss pops up after that.

I love these real weird and wild Sonic glitches!! Glad I could finally put these videos out there and make a post!! Now I have some more leisure time free where I can glitch out the game some more and produce more videos. I will post Knuckles fighting the first bosses in that bonus stage. It is really messed up!!

Also I like to make music!! Check out my music pages for some experimental electro and more!!

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