Randomized Edit Of Super Mario 3 - World 5 Map 2 Sky Level. Fight Koopa's Kid In Some Stages!!!

in #gaminglast year

Glad to make another gaming post!! I like the wacky world of a randomized and edited version of Super Mario Brothers 3!! Always takes me back to when I used to glitch it with game genie and the cartridge even got corrupted at one point from us kids messing with it!! So yea this is a nice flashback!! Just found out there is another prototype of Sonic 3 that was just released!! I want to get to messing more with that too!!

Here are the first stages of Map 2 of Wold 5 on a game I called SMB3 - Koopa Kid Chaos Edition. LOL

As you can see in the frame I get to fight King Koopas bigger Son Underwater!!! It's pretty out there fun and ridiculous. This is a fun play through. I altered pretty much every level of Mario 3!! I liked how it turned out. Can't wait to play the next world.

Next vid is the next stages where I keep on fighting King Koopas Son in the level!! Haha I love that. I like how it gets kinda weird and funny. One thing I like about the randomizer is sometimes you have hidden levels that weren't available in the original.

After is the Castle level and a stage! Again I fight one of Koopas Kids in the castle before I reach Boom Boom.

I think I kept some enemies random and added the Koopa Kid for the one part.

Last is the last stage and then the airship!! Cool the world will be complete!! Unfortunately when I go through the pipe on the airship it goes to a strange stage and Mario falls to his death. Never can tell when it's random, the codes are on and how the sprite placements I chose will effect the game. Hopefully will glitch out real good!! Haha

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