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RE: Electronic Sports, the future; Dota 2

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Wow... This is awesome... I'm a gamer so i understand the benefits that comes with it. Now, as an esport gamer in my locality, i have seen the esports with great prize to be won for all competing participant and participants are fluctuating getting involved all day. Now looking at the numbers involved in the Dota 2 international tournament that is being hosted in Seattle on August 7-12 at the Keyarena with a capacity of 17,459 people has a $23,878,471 USD prize pool and is estimated to have over 20 million viewers (Source Credit). Which is an ongoing tournament, any one will want to get involved weather it's for the fun or for the earnings... Can you see that love for passion being rewarded? This game is huge, the numbers are insane to be in prize tags and 20million viewers... This is a serious business for sports lovers not just esports lovers alone... This is my opinion though; the esport and gaming industry will grow and grow and grow and this is because the world as a global community have made it possible for anyone to tap in irrespective of your locality... I once have this game developer which I was to be his apprentice in developing video and mobile games but never had to make it last as we lost contacts from each other so the best I can do is to tap in for fun, freedom and earnings... Thanks for the great post @Generation


I know right :)Thank you for taking the time to read my post and thank you for the work you put on commenting. Dota 2 is on fire right now! And the gaming industry never goes through recession because no matter how poor people are they still support their favorite games (: