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RE: ADSactly Game Review - The Best Of E3 2018 - Part Two

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Cyberpunk 2077
The artistic direction and the atmosphere of the game will be just crazy. A universe Blade Runner / Hotline Miami, implants Deus Ex, android way Detroit: Become Human, and especially punkettes sexy Hellfest. Add to that a zest of synthwave / darksynth, and it gives an explosive cocktail while waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI. : Drool:

It deserves quite its place as the best PC game and E3 2018.


Hahaha I could definitely not have said it any better, something tell me you're pretty excited for Cyberpunk 2077. I really wanted to include The Elder Scrolls VI, but there really wasn't much there to go with, it's basically just an announcement it's coming. I'm still very much looking forward to it.

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