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Steem Nova is a game that was launched around the time of Splinterlands and even though it gained a loyal player base it never really took off. The team at Steem Nova have relaunched the game giving everyone the opportunity to start out again and for new players to jump on board.
I took this opportunity to speak with the team at Steem Nova. Here is what they had to say.
I have had a lot of fun playing Steem Nova and now you have relaunched it . What will those that have played it before notice when they start playing?

The problem with online gaming is that game mechanics does not always allow for a fair growth of players. Games solve this in different ways.

  • For example, matchmaking, although it doesn't match our game, many games have some kind of matchmaking system. But it's not a flawless system. In some games you can get " banished " on game modes if you are not playing well.
  • Others simply restart the universe from time to time, then new people can start competing on an equal footing.

There is no one good system. I wish there were never any universum reboots. This can be achieved on various strange rules, e.g. by registering for the game you get the "average" planet, based on what the players have. This is a solution, although you lose a lot of gameplay.
For those that have not played Steem Nova before , what type of game is Steem Nova?

SteemNova is a text-based multiplayer game played in a browser. This is a redesigned version of the 2moons engine developed by me and mys (and many other people who upload patches). About 15 years ago, when computers were not efficient and the Internet phones were practically non-existent on the market, young players (especially in Europe) fell in love with the games, which today are played mainly for sentiment. One of these games is Ogame, on which SteemNova is modeled.

The goal is simple - to rule the universe. But it is not a simple task - we have to develop planets, build ships, attack the enemy and survive on our own. And all this with simple pictures and text.
Whilst the old payout system worked well, you decided to change it. How can players now earn from playing Steem Nova?

Of course, the old payout system will work, so there's no need to be afraid. But games are not only entertainment, but also interesting experiences.

In 2005, in the game World of Warcraft Boss in the game infected the virus of heroes and animals during the fight. As long as the heroes were healing themselves, the animals did not have such a function and the "virus" spread to the whole game killing the players.

The situation was called "Corrupted Blood Incident".

Many people think that computer games are stupid and teach nothing, but the WoW bug contributed to the creation of many scientific papers on epidemics and terrorism.

SteemNova 2 is also an experiment, which is carried out in cooperation with a few people. Many Steem Engine tokens are only for a specific thing. You can either sell such a token or use it in one shop or on one page. What would it be like to create a universal token that you could use to perform different operations? What if the token was an architecture for projects? That's what we want to do. IntinteDAO has many different projects for the Steem or Bitcoin platform and in many of them the token can be shared.

Let's say you have 1000 dark matter. You can buy a cheap game in a shop, use it in SteemNova 2 (or other games), you can play a gambling game, you can freeze to get 2% more tokens after a month.

And this is just the beginning ;)
Up until now Steem Nova lacked development. Will you be looking at continuing to develop the game ?

Programming games is very difficult - the bigger the game, the more things may not work properly. Recently in Half-Life 2 a bug has been fixed (5 years after the game appeared), because of which the characters did not blink their eyes.

SteemNova is also a very complex game in mechanics and other mathematical formulas. By the amount of code there are errors that we try to eliminate. It is not easy.

However, what distinguishes SteemNova on the market of competitive games is open source code and cooperation with other games of this type. Some bugs were reported to us by Qwatayean - the creator of, others were given to us by MirkOgame, of course we fixed many bugs ourselves.

It seems to me that together we will be able to solve all the problems.
You have taken the time to relaunch Steem Nova , what will make people stop and say wow how did I not hear about this game before?

In my opinion, what is interesting in the game is its capabilities. I will give you a hypothetical example. In the same solar system there is a player who is developing fast - we want to destroy him.

We send out a spy probe. Such a probe may be destroyed, it may not give us the necessary information (if we have too little spy technology), but it will also display data that are up to date at the moment. It may turn out that by flying and wanting to destroy an opponent, his fleet will return to the planet from a heavy battle and we will get beaten.

This is a great mechanism in the game, a kind of unpredictability on many levels. Build a ship? Or maybe a metal mine? Minor actions can change the gameplay in a few dozen days.
Is there anything else you would like to say?

I would like to wish all readers a happy Christmas and a happy New Year :)

Additionally, I would like to thank all the people who support us.

Of course, with time we will be discovering "new cards". We are constantly working on new functionalities in existing projects and new projects. Keep your fingers crossed ;)

Thank you to the team at Steem Nova for taking the time to speak with me.
Steem Nova is a awesome game that I have had a lot of fun playing . It is great to see it get a relaunch and I hope people take the opportunity to check out this game out. You never know you may just start an empire of your own on Steem Nova.
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Good to hear. I played for awhile but once you fell behind it was over.

How big is your developer crew ?

Are you guys open to working on other projects ?

@simplegame I am not on the Steem Nova team I just wanted to give their game a shout out . @fervi is the best person to talk to. You never know you guys might be able do something together.

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