Playing games with friends[5/365]

in #gaming3 years ago

Hello people :D
Today I wasn't doing anything special, most of the day I was relaxing at home and enjoying these beautiful winter days. I really love these days around New Year and Christmas because I don't have much obligations about school and I can enjoy every second ;)
The day passed really well and relaxing, and then in the evening I went out with my friends to local game room to play some PS4 and we also played some games with VR.
I took some photos so I can show you how it looks :)

As you can see, this game room isn't very well arranged and it maybe looks like a cottage or some basement, but it's equipped with the latest technology. It has VR which is one of the few game rooms that has it. It has 7 PS4 's and 2 VR's and I spend lot of time there, I meet new people and we all have a lot of fun :D
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