The Outer Worlds Review

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The Outer Worlds is an RPG created by one and only Obsidian Entertainment. Game developers from Obsidian are long time veterans of RPG genre, so you might expect a decent if not great RPG once again from them, for me Outer Worlds is almost great, close but not quite. First of all the game engine is a framework from Fallout games, game is structured as a Fallout game, everything this game offers is a rework of Fallout systems. So to me this game feels like some kind of Fallout 4 DLC even though the game is set in a completely different universe.


Your adventures start in a distant Halcyon system where corporations rule and ordinary people are treated as animals, you can be their savior or something more sinister, in this game you have many options how to resolve conflicts. Your main goal in this game is to save your fellow colonists from a colony ship Hope from certain death after you've been brought to life from frozen stasis by one mad scientist. Doing good or bad deeds will eventually bring you new companions, you will explore more planets and find literally tons of loot.


Game's RPG system is fairly straightforward for anyone who played Fallout games where you have different options on how you approach quests. You can resolve quests by pure aggression, stealth or persuasion, you will be more effective if you place skill points on your preferable play style. The game has decently sized sandbox areas where you can let yourself loose and explore without doing main quests or side quests, you will always find something interesting.


After finishing the game I can't help myself but to think this is exactly like some Fallout 4 DLC. The dialogues, the humor, inventory system, RPG system, the combat, everything feels like a Fallout game. Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game with great looking locations you can explore, the story is fairly interesting albeit short, it is absolutely worth playing, but overall Fallout familiarity "been there, done that" will unfortunately stop it from being great. Score: 88/100!


I'm on my second playthrough now.

I'll leave my 2nd playthrough for later, there will probably be few DLCs for this game, perfect time to replay.

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It does look fun. I'm going wait for this to go on sale before picking it up though. Perhaps by then they will have added more to it.