Minecraft 3x2 Flip-flop circuit

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How to build a small and compact 3x2 Minecraft Flip-flop circuit using Redstone and Redstone torches, and an example of its use in an airlock system.

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Never played Minecraft in my life but somehow i enjoyed this video and watched till the end. Seems fun and creative. Didn't know you can create stuff like this, i thought it is an adventure game, killing stuff and collecting gear, leveling up etc. Lol

There's the adventuring part too it as well, but it also has a "Creative" mode where you can take your time and build stuff!

How long does it take to get on your level approximately? You might say "you can never get on my level b.tch". I understand that :P

Here you go again with awesome video as usual. Minecraft is very good game, i was playing it for 4 years, also this is very useful tutorial i hope it would help to lot people!

Did you ever try playing with Redstone?

Nah, i was playing older version on PC, is it much different now or? Btw you interested me now i could play again haha

It hasn't really changed much, no. The core game play is pretty much the same as it was at the start.

Mostly! I like to play league of legends. I did not play this game. Still trying to understand, what we need to do and also achieve in this game??

You can play it two ways. Either in survival mode, where you have to construct and craft things to keep you alive, or creative mode, where you just build whatever you imagination can come up with!

Wow its minecraft.. i downloaded that game before, but the grafic of the game make me dizzy.. u play that game?

wonderful post thank you for sharing

Oh thank you so much for sharing this post video with us. I was looking for exact you posted right now that how can we make 3x2 Minecraft Flip-flop circuit using Redstone.

Looking forward to you for more such videos. :)

that's good uptade about Minecraft 3x2 Flip-flop circuit. I'll be follow your tips and try it. thankyOu !! :)
I'm waiting for your next music video, because I liked most !!

quite interesting!

as always again an awesome video.. you are a great video maker..
minecraft is a nice game i was used to play it 5 or 6 years ago some times...
love your blogs... <3

I love this game, I have a great time of fun, it is a nice game with brilliantly made moves.

Minecraft has revolutionized computer gaming!

You are the Master Yoda of the Minecraft! Thanks for this fascinating video :) I'm excidetly waiting for next videos. I love this and maybe I will try to learn it. All the best.

Ist a cool and simple logocal system.
For further ideas in redstonetechnology see my redstonehandbook (ger - but often understandable in every language - even english)


Just have fun :D