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The Beta is soon to end and after playing a lot today with the guys we have finally managed to complete the game on the second difficulty... If you have played the game you would know how hard this is.

Screenshot (3).png

There seems to be a huge jump between the difficulties and not having cards, or a better card deck makes this even harder. Regrettably I had not had much time to upgrade my cards but the others who were playing with me have some pretty good decks.

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

As you can see we are still struggling to get to the first check point/ play point in the hardest difficulty with only a few hours left we have abandoned this quest.
Screenshot (6).png

I also would of loved to get to a new supply card unlock and gotten more cards as there is a nice one at the end of the next supply card line. Its the last card in the no surrender supply line.

Screenshot (7).png

Below is my stats for the run we finished.

Screenshot (1).png


I really wish I could of joined you guys. Maybe when alpha testing comes out I will join.

Hopefully there is alpha testing, if not I am sure there is other games you can play with us, what all do you play?

it looks pretty great, wish I hopped on the beta train ;)

help a brotha out

You got the links... you just decided not to join. ~RV

are you allowed to post a video?

Sadly no videos, but I can get something organized with the group. Won't be playing the game again till its on sale.

hello @noobtube,
Hopefully you're well. I just knocked you on discord. I hope you will reply very soon.

Thank you

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