Hey! I really don't understand the logic of copy pasting the whole content from another website. Are you trying to make money off something you didn't create? Some other person's work. If you feel this is really information we MUST use and you had to share on Steemit, and you aren't trying to game the platform, then the honorable thing to do would be to use the "Decline Payout" feature. Simple.

I am Nigerian too and I am tasking you to create original content for this platform and contribute to making it great. No offense intended.

Cheers, buddy!

Copying text from another site and posting it on Steemit is not accepted, even if you post the source link. It's called plagiarism and if you continue doing this, it will only harm your reputation, earnings and account in the long run. I suggest you write your own, original articles only, using your own photographs and images.

If he truly want a to grow, he should do what you and @masterakpan suggest

will take to corrections