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RE: ADSactly Game Review - The Best Of E3 2018 - Part Two

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I actually missed Ghost of Toshima. Game looks great, the gameplay kinda reminds me of the Batman Arkham Series. Since the success of Batman Arkham Asylum, that kind of action gameplay has been copied in quite a few ways.

Still can't believe to have seen news on Cyberpunk 77. I was actually starting to believe that the game wouldn't make it's debut until the year 2077.

I haven't played the first beyond good and evil, but the trailers I have seen so far really make me want to change that up.


Hahaha, yeah we have been waiting on Cyberpunk for very long now, but so far it looks like its has been worth the wait. I gonna get my hands on Beyond Good and Evil pretty soon, seems like a awesome title, and wanna give it a go before the second one comes out.

Overall, this year really has been great gaming wise I must say. Not owning a PS4 myself, I have watched some of the more story centered games than having played them myself. That being said, Detroid Become Human and God of War so far have been awesome and gaming news like these create good hype for the years to come.

Especially after EA almost ruined the industry with their bullshit statement that single player story heavy games do not sell, this year so far has been pleasant.