Who won, Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh?

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Mominul 1: 0 Hathru-After the first Test, the personal scoreline is such. Photo: Shamsul Haque

Mominul 1: 0 Hathru-After the first Test, the personal scoreline is such. Photo: Shamsul Haque

The question became a friend of my cricket-buddy. Bangladesh wins the likes of two-four likes; It seems that this age Neville Cardas is CLR James. But he can be easily misled by saying, 'Well, how many wickets do you make a goal?'

So why is the win and losing question in the draw? It's coming, because borrowing from Neville Cardus, I'm not playing it; It's cricket Or translate CLR James into a little wrong, just watch the field cricket, and what does he see in cricket?

And so in the drawn match, there is a win-lose. That's a psychological win. Today, in the press conference, in the face of blackface (not to be taken into a racist view) Dimuth Karunaratne; Mercury is so important. Poor! In such a match, the touring team does not seem to want to go to a press conference. Karunaratna has been sent probably out of Sri Lanka's run-scoring innings in which he has been dismissed. Punishment!

On the other side, Muminul was seen in front of the elder brother's affectionately smiling face of Mahmudullah. At the end of the day yesterday, this smile was in the face of Lanka. Bangladesh has returned the disappointment by snatching it. Then the last win is Bangladesh!

At the press conference, the question arose. Who won the moral win in a draw match? What would you want to lose in compassion? But he replied in diplomatic, "Look, the bowlers have to get something from the wicket. Both the batsmen have done well. The wicket that made it happen, at the end, made big scores (maybe because of their own zero). But bowlers had to bowl to take wickets, too. Together, I say, both teams have finished well. '

The fragrance of winning gives the team a tinge closer to the losing defeat. And if the team in the fray is scared to win, then the draw is equal to winning. Karunaratne could not hide the annoyance. Today, Sri Lanka's Independence Day, winning the Test was a big gift for the country; The simple answer to the silly question of Bangladeshi journalists is not mixed.

 Karunaratne   said, "Today is a wonderful day for all Sri-Lankans. But see the day is a day of independence and can not win. If you win, you will get wickets. Bowlers will do this wicket!

Karunaratne has expressed dissatisfaction with the wicket in every North Zone press conference. Mahmudullah man is not a worthy character in the game of mind. But at the beginning, he rejected the demands of Karunaratne's wicket. not only that; Bangladesh will go to play in Dhaka from this match, it is clear that also.

It is clear from Mahmudullah that the moral victory of Bangladesh is that, 'the situation we got drawn from, we want to take positive things from here as the captain.' It will help us in the next test. It would have been good to win. '

If you can win? Did Bangladesh think of winning this test? Mahmudullah, however, clarified that Bangladesh wanted to do a bit more batting. The first offer comes from Sri Lanka, and what is the benefit of playing Let's accept the draw. "Bangladesh can be all-out," declares Dikeweller's announcement yesterday. Sri Lanka has accepted the defeat here today.

Today is his birthday. The end of Bangladesh was great. At the end of the press conference, Mahmudullah had cut cakes for journalists. Which is like the end of all good. But the poor bowling of Bangladesh in this Test, the stubborn batting of the last afternoon of tomorrow; Mahmudullah also forgets about it.


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