Top 5 Epic Gaming Fails of 2018

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2018 was a great year for gaming in a lot of ways. It also had a lot of big disappointments. From simply overpromising on a product to being abusive towards your fans, there was a lot of drama and failure to go around.

Without further ado, here's my list of the top 5 gaming fails of 2018.

#5 Playstation Classic


Jumping on the "tiny version of a popular console with built in games" trend, Sony announced the Playstation Classic a few months ago and teased some great games. After the full list of games was announced, excitement started to drop. Iconic series were overlooked, like Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Silent Hill and Parappa The Rapper. Before launch, more problems were leaked like a dull and lifeless menu system, one save state per game and no filters or borders. The biggest offender is the fact that nearly half of the games on the console are the PAL versions, which run noticeably slower than what people are accustomed to.

After a short time on market, some retailers are already marketing this thing down by 25%. Compare that to the NES/SNES Classics which would sell out as soon as a shipment hit the floor.

#4 Soulja Boy's "SouljaGame" console


Flash-in-the-pan hip hop star Soulja Boy has decided to get into the game industry with this own handheld gaming console, branded the SouljaGame. It turns out that his console is simply a rebranded emulator system that you can buy right now off AliExpress. Not only is this insanely cheap and lazy, but it could possibly bring the legal hammer of Nintendo down on his head.

#3 Battlefield V mocks its fans


The trailer for Battlefield V was controversial due to how it played loosely with WWII history, where you have a female soldier with a bionic arm and others carrying swords heavily featured. Gamers were irritated by what was perceived as shoving identity politics into a game where it had no reason to exist. If the game is supposed to be an alternate history take on WWII, present it that way rather than as a true WWII game.

The lead developers answer? If you don't like it, don't buy it. And they didn't. Sales for the game are down drastically from the previous installment and it was on sale for half off shortly after release. To pour gas on the fire, footage of the launch party was released where gamers who were upset about the game's fast and loose handling of WWII were mocked on a giant display behind the words "#EVERYONESBATTLEFIELD.

#2 Diablo Immortal disrespects its core audience


What better way to piss off the dedicated base of Diablo fans than announcing at Blizzcon that the next game in the series will be...a mobile game. This announcement brought forth boos from the audience of fans who drove or flew to this convention to get a slap in the face. Blizzard's reaction? This above fan has gained his own "immortal" status by asking the devs if this was an early April Fool's joke. Their response was "don't you guys have phones?"

That would be like announcing Avengers Endgame at Comic Con to an audience of hardcore fans, but stating that it will skip theaters and be available exclusively through an Android/iOs app to be enjoyed on a 5 inch screen.

#1 Fallout 76 is a letdown and even scammed hardcore fans


What happens when you have one of the most highly anticipated games of 2018 and its a buggy, low effort mess even after a 45GB day 1 patch that's bigger than the actual game? This game is a failure on multiple levels, from absolutely horrible bugs, to server issues that crash your game, to a bunch of reused assets from Fallout 4. Add the bungled $200 Collector's Edition that promised a quality canvas bag as part of the goodies, but they delivered a cheap vinyl bag instead -- they claimed they couldn't source enough canvas. Really?

Rather than make things right, they gave these gamers a $5 in game credit, which was enough to buy an in-game knickknack to furnishing for your base in a broken and buggy game.

Fallout76 was another big game that was on sale for half off right after release.

So what do you think are the biggest gaming fails of 2018? Let's discuss!


Thanks for reading. As always, upvotes, resteems and comments are appreciated!

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Got be a tie between Fallout 76 and Diablo Immortal. Products the core audience never wanted and frankly seem to be out of touch with what the players they have want.

On one hand 76 seems to think "they will buy what ever junk we sell them" and it just seems like they had zero respect for their paying customers. I wonder how many years it will take and if they will even bother in trying to create the game they should have a release.

Then you have Diablo that has faille what the core community has been wanting for a while. Diablo III I feel really missed the mark because for what ever reason they want cater to the masses. They are yet again trying to cater to the masses with a mobile game. Which if it fails I fear is the end of the line for them on that game. If its successful maybe we will get what we really want but then again they now have a new market to pillage with micro transactions. Just not a great thing either way.

Would be nice if they learned and tried to do better in 2019. I doubt that I just hope any gaming I want to play that could be coming out in 2019 does not make a list like this! Please oh please bannerlord don't total be horrible. I need a fun and new Mount & Blade to play. Granted there still no ETA so maybe it won't be 2019. Which seems to be how many games are going these days. They want go big and then fail to deliver.