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RE: Assassin's Creed: Origins, an ATTEMPT to revive the series

in #gaming5 years ago

I have a different take on this. Really looking forward to this game as all the stories have been good so far. And as for bugs, I just wait a bit after the release before playing. No trouble after that. Have fun out there and good luck with future posts!


Its a definite buy for me. Unity was excellent until you tried multiplayer. Is this where most of you guys are coming from when you talk about frame rates etc....and what's your thoughts on syndicate? thx for the post!

No idk about you but I played Unity on the PS4 singleplayer sometimes it was unplayble and but the framerate was pretty bad 90% of the time. And about Syndicate... I didn't play it (Unity threw me of)f but my friend told me that it was better than Unity

I really enjoyed syndicate but haven't finished it yet. I think i'm around 80% or so on the story. My gf keeps hogging my ps4! ;)

Trust me I tried to look at the game from a postive a light (being Egyptian myself) but I can't overlook those things that I mentioned, I owned every game up until Unity and I was really hyped for this one. But the series is not the same anymore. It's more of a brand than a game with a game with a story now, regardless thank you for your feedback and time reading this :D

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