Monster Hunter: World or How to Become a Drunkard Maniac Poacher

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Hi everyone, glad to see you again. Today I want to talk about a very unusual game, but before we start....

How's my study, you may ask? It's great. I'm very diligent, learning and taking notes every day.
And also paid part of my salary to private tutors to deepen my knowledge in a couple of disciplines.
So basically my exams will be smooth sailing if it keeps going like that in the future.
Study diligently guys, only then go and chat on steemit. Not the other way around.
Your personality affects what you produce here. So if you won't start building up yourself, you won't get anywhere in life.
And that's exactly why we talk about games. I'm a complete dumbass so the only thing I can talk about is games, thank you for understanding!)
Anyway, I'm in my best sleepy writing condition right now so get ready your popcorn and let's start.

Let the meat grinding begin!

Monster Hunter: World is a very peculiar game, to say the least.
Users are offered an opportunity to hunt all sorts of monstrous creatures from the depths of the abyss, dinosaurs, dragons, and it is promising to be quite an experience for you.
The game itself is designed with phenomenal attention to the details and the highest technical performance.
So the meat grinding that you are going to unleash on poor creatures that are waiting for you at every corner will be complemented with a great view.

The game world truly amazes with incredible landscapes. The blooming jungle shining with life, full of mysteries and wonders; the scorched desert, once you enter there is no way of leaving; Immense forests, with an endless abundance of evergreen trees. Everything is painted beautifully. Maps are thought out very well, I can not but praise the developers for the work they've done.

How it all started...

At the beginning of the game, you appear on a fancy ship. Everything seems to be perfectly fine! You and a couple of cats and crew members painstakingly try to get drunk, but then the mighty Chtulhu suddenly appears from the water and ruins your party so you have to flee because he really wants to bite off everyone's butts completely. But he miserably fails because you are very clever guys and easily twist him around your finger. And fly away using a Pterodactyl looking bird that brings you to a mysterious island afterwards (That's exactly what happened).

If you ask my exceptional opinion (I'm always right by the way), this whole situation looks like a group of maniac drunkard poachers arrived on the new continent trying to wipe out the whole ecosystem without any reason. I really tried to comprehend the whole fighting situation but still couldn't understand it. I probably need to check the previous releases of the game to figure it out. But that's not the case! Let's not get carried away lol.

Later on, we wander around the port and get acquainted with the local NPC's eventually receiving a quest for hunting lizards who really like stealing jars and plates, and according to the scenario they are super dangerous and must be destroyed (Or the world will probably end to exist).
Nevertheless, we have to pursue the creature. It was desperately hobbling from us for half a day trying to save its life. But ended up being chopped by a huge sword. To be frank, I felt sorry for a poor bastard, developers worked really hard with mechanics of the game. So the chase looked quite real.

So strong!

After a couple of simple quests, you finally feel like you are super powerful and ready for something bigger. Even if Chtulchu appears again you are ready to take him down to Chinatown.
But don't rush too fast and have some patience. You should realise one important thing: To be able to fight with those monstrosities you have to learn their habits, weak points, diligently prepare before the battle and also be prepared to chase them from one part of the map to another (Especially flying monsters) - all of that is necessary to successfully finish the hunt, otherwise you will be eaten instead (Actually, most of the time you just team up with other players and wack it with a hammer until it's dead).

The Hunt is a very carefully thought out process where you have to be very cunning. During the hunt you can use multiple traps, weakening shells, arrow covers or even other monsters.
You also have to know that Creatures also have lots of peculiarities and unique skills to be reckoned with, otherwise, your arse will be kicked before you know it.
The same monster won't use the same fighting pattern every time. He will randomly use a variety of tricks to beat you: he will wear you up, run away, hide or even lure you to the lair full of his toothy family members.
You will always run into some unexpected accidents during the battle that will ruin your plan and make your experience unique.

Here are some pictures from the game that show what this is all about:

To sum it up, I can tell that the game has lots of exciting stuff and I recommend to try it out if you like grinding in MMORPG's, enjoy whacking gigantic monsters without any reason and if you have enough of spare time!)
I'm giving it a strong 7/10 rating.

Thank you for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed your stay here (◕‿◕✿)


I've heard a lot of stuff about the game. Remember watching lirik or cohhcarnage streams (I think a year ago or so). I would play but time... eh :(
Nice screenshot collection)

We can team up with SteemGC and think about something later. Maybe in May.
I had to cut screenshots from the main trailers of the game because I didn't like the ones I found :D

One of my best friends was mad about this game. He was really into it from
Their old titles. This new one got so many of my friends involved.. never really was a fan of these hardcore games though.. don’t have the time and patience I guess when it comes to it.

Sigh, What can you do... It just eats too much time.

I also had a very productive Friday and I spent more than 13 hours with school work. I also got up early today and did some stuff for few hours but then I got the caffeine withdrawals after going for a 7km walk and did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day. I watched "educational" youtube videos that were totally unrelated to what I should be looking at but I guess I could still be doing more useless stuff if I wanted to.

I am proud of myself for putting Steemit to the side like you said and continuing to focus on my studies like I did before I joined here.

I just use external factors to give me a good kick in the ass if I become too lazy)
Yeah, good job. Next time you will do better :D

awesome post, lol. not much of a MH fan myself. But good work for sure.

Same here, but worth writing a review :)

I have to get back into video games again. The graphics and movement now are incredible. Now if I could just find another two or three hours every day. Hmmm,

It's just good screenshots from the game. The graphics are a bit lighter.
Nah, I'd rather not play too much haha. A lot of stuff to do :(

I like all of your stuff because your content type is very educational.

Indeed, it's sooo sooo educational.

I learned many new things from this post

Those concept arts are so COOL!

Yeah, they are sick :)

They're not concept art.
That's screenshots from the game - it looks very good :-)

Wow thanks a lot it helps me very much

It's so helpful, so much wow. You're welcome