Steam Key Giveaway #19 - Conan Exiles

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Hello Steemit Gamers!

Interested in winning Conan Exiles for Steam?



The winner will be drawn from a number that will be randomly generated and which is between 0.001 and 33. Your estimation has to be given by a comment below. The comment that comes closest to the generated number wins. The competition ends with this Post at day 7!
Der Gewinner wird über eine Zahl ausgelost, die zufällig generiert wird und sich zwischen 0.001 und 33 befindet. Eure Schätzung gebt ihr über einen Kommentar ab. Der Kommentar, der mit seiner Schätzung am nächsten ist, gewinnt. Das Gewinnspiel endet mit diesem Post nach 7 Tagen!

This "Tool" is gonna be used to generate the number.

To participate you need a reputation of 40 or higher!

Um teilzunehmen benötigt ihr eine Reputation von 40 oder höher!

The keys are 100% Original and Region Free, activatable on any Steam Account! If you do not have a account, you can create one here to download the games:
Die Keys sind 100% Orginal und Region Free, man kann die Spiele auf jedem Steam Account aktivieren! Solltet ihr keinen Account besitzen, könnt ihr euch ganz einfach hier einen erstellen und die Spiele downloaden:

GOOD LUCK and thanks for your interest!

VIEL GLÜCK und danke für euer Interesse!



23.333 da werd ich zum Barbar

The drawn number this round was: 27.013, so a dream comes true, @momekato is really gonna be a Barbarian :D!

GZ! Check your Wallet ;)!

Gerne doch und wie schon gesagt, viel Spaß :)!

Schaun wir mal :DD

Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Das ist die 11.833 xD

Oh da muss ich glatt mal mit machen, das hab ich noch ned.

Versuche es mit der 17.003

Conan Exiles is just a good game! I'm in!! I wonder why I haven't foudn your giveaways before, maybe because I'm not very active on steemit outside my posts.

The I choose is number is 3.33

Follwed and:
Since you're a gamer you might like to check my account.
I write game reviews, short stories, ThinkngWhileGaming series and I have a shop!

Indeed it is :)!
So you forgot about me :DD. You are the one that gave me the idea for this (gonna be updated soon), we had a chat at steemit chat. But no worries, its about 1 year ago. ;D^^

Gonna be reading your FF8 Posts tomorrow :)!

Haha, sorry I had a bad memory for things past 1 month, unless they're very memorable I can't forget them. I'll try memorizing you now!

I hope the smylies made you understand that i was joking :D^^
Yea, so then about 1 year is way too far gone xD

Have a nice day :)!

Thought so, but being paranoid and all... haha!

smylies made you understand that i was joking :D^^

How are you doing recently?

Sorry, i missed this one :D!

Being paranoid is not always a bad thing. xDD
I am pretty fine to make it short, nothing to complain about at all ;).

What about you :D?
Are you using Discord?

Yup part of @Opgaming, @SteemBasicIncome, #Archdruid, @Steemgc and @esteem communites... name is the same if you want to find me in one of them.

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Die min. Rep liegt auch hier bei 40, sry, schau anbei mal in deine Replys, da ging dir was durch die Lappen. -.-"^^