Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter with this documentary

in #gaming4 years ago

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection debuted recently, title that celebrates the 30 years of existence of the popular Capcom franchise. The company wants to celebrate the anniversary of its series in a big way, so it made a documentary about it.

The production consists of 3 parts, which are already available on YouTube. If you are a fan of Street Fighter, you can not miss it, because they review the history of the franchise from its beginnings to the present.

The documentary begins with one of the most memorable moments of his competitive scene, when Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong met in an epic battle of Street Fighter III: Third Strike during EVO 2014.

Subsequently, we know interesting details about the beginning of the series, to later see how it was consolidated, won a large number of followers worldwide and formed a successful esports scene. Without further ado, I leave you below the 3 parts of the documentary. Take into account that you can activate subtitles in English only:

Kadokawa Corporation will also celebrate the anniversary of the series with the book Street Fighter Memorial Archive: Beyond the World, which includes art and interviews with various developers of the franchise.

Capcom wants Street Fighter to remain one of the most important exponents of the fighting genre. For this reason, prepare new content for Street Fighter V and you have everything ready for the various stages of the Capcom Pro Tour 2018.

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