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SurRaya fell asleep at an early hour, she usually stayed up praticing Akido, with a bit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mixed in. After traveling in the collective conscious dream time, she said her goodbyes to her Dream Gamer Guide, where with, she slipped streamed through into her time line continium, landing safely back in her earth stage dream body. This in a nut shell was what life had become to a curious wondrous being as Surraya.
Live your Dreams, and Create your own Myth, the Ancient Sethian Gnostics wrote, and yes, she actually was. Like most of us do, even if we don't know it. Still dealing with the dogging problems of her past, in this slowed down degrated copy dream world called Earth. (Dream Gamers called The Limitater or Limitaisha. Yeah, this world was sure full of limitations, her court fight over parental rights for her daughter, a strange divorce, her stints of homelessness and growing up with a malignant narcissist mother, with a boat load flying monkeys following, that constantly trying to defame or sabotage any amount of sucess Surraya had, just to name a few challenges. This pressure prompted her to a complete life change when she decided to go to a small Mexican village on the southern coast, to fulfill a dream sequence that kept ending in this little fishing village she had only heard of in her dream.

So against everyone's advice, which tipped her off that this must be the thing to do. BlackSheep9 was her gaming avatar in every video game she had ever played. She found a ride to the border and then took a long hot bus ride all the way through Baja California. She felt this whole mystery of the reoccurring dream, about this village could be the missing game piece that could give her the reward she had been looking to receive. Namely, the way to transmute her previously won knowledge to usable wisdom for the next challenge. She did make it to the little old town in Mexico but not without a couple of strange run ins with the SCS or better known to Dream Gamers as the collective (sub conscious shadows), and the Sequence Injectors, SI. Their kinda like the misery makers that attack your social media sites, just to crap on any true or inspiring content. These dark entities just don't troll social media sites, they stalked your life. Because you might see a big clue or two, that could have a very insightful power release, to propell you to a Game God in your realm of play. These entities would do anything to oppose your rise in the ever expanding and contracting dream worlds that we all play, or struggle in.

But for most that were trapped in the limitator, they were really asleep in there individual conditioned dream, that were collectively and simultaneously reflected in the external Dream Time Machine called the world. The name of the game to upper level Dream Gamers
or DRs, was to disrupt the time continuum so to forever fracture the centralized concretized conciousness that has been here for quite a spell...pun intended. If this could be accomplished, it would free all minds to dream their very own dream without the limiting filtered edits of the SCS and their controlled minons.

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This psychopathic system had long ago been dealt major blows by the unconditioned carnating Avatars of histories past. Carrying Novel wholistic symbology from the frequency waves of the 26 Emanating Witnesses. These Wittnesses, are the guiding creative living priciples, the unmutable essence Code of the overall game play, in most dream worlds. They in turn give and receive their ever expanding non-definitive LoveWealth from and to the mystery of Orgination.

Yet whatever they brought to free the mind in Limitaisha, would soon be deluded with the mechanisms of the time laden obligators and their psycopathic masters, the SCS, and ultimately the Hatricons.

Surraya knew about the epic upgrade of the game in the Limitator. It was coming, what some called the Golden Age, and it was up to her to go and save as much innocence energy as she could so the coming game change could arrive sooner than later. This dying earth game had to have a major or even a masive upgrade, or fall into the hands of the SCS...
possibly forever.

Her first experience rescuing the innocent was to go to a mansion in the belly of the Hollywood Hills and take out a gang of pedo traffickers that had 13 little girls for sale on the dark Web. The gang had been intercepted by DR''s that monitor the Web for such activity. These girls had been picked out because their zodiac signs matched up with the sacrifice dates that would be made as a dark counter move from the SCS to off set the coming upgrade. Sarraya sensed elation as to what it might feel like the moment she could retrieve these already tramatized little souls, and gently carry them to the serene realm of Equestria.

Equestria was a dream world that 5 Journey Level Dream Gamers emanated for the sole purpose of restoring the wondrous innocence that all potential DR'S carry within. Surraya knew she wasn't just going to rescue 13 souls from a torment that could damage them in the most torturous of ways. She also was retrieving splintered aspects of her own divine child that had been through the pain of having to leave the body and disassociate, as the freaks had their way. But only the dream body was seemingly defiled, they could never penetrate the truth of her essence, even though they tried every conceivable way to steal that power. Though rape of body or the raping voice of her narcissist mother, she had had it hard, in her short sojourn on Limitasha.

The Horse People know us better than we know ourselves, Surrey said to herself...and the little ones can learn to play again, resting in the peaceful mirroring eyes of Equestria.

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She met with her mentor guide that specialized in this kind of SCS elimination, First take out the flying monkeys, then the Psycho -pin is mine. said Gandhi, as he readied his needed weapons of mortal and immortal combat. How are those lethal claws of yours, glancing at Surraya's exotically painted nails. I hope you took that cocaco/carob mix I gave you last time to strengthen them, remember you lost a nail, Yeah, I left it in the eye of the last monkey that made the mistake of running into my hand* Surraya quipped as she grinned in a slient pride. That was just hardcore practice deary, this time it could mean soul capture, and you know what that means, so are you ready?
She just looked at him with the eye of determination, as he spied the night lit mansion.

Gandhi then popped his customary good luck charm in his mouth, "Was that a piece of Taffy?" Surraya suprisingly asked.
Yep, licorice flavor, can't you fight and chew gum at the same time? he smiled and chewed as they stealthfully approached their now, unaware targets...


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Chapter of Tough Candy: Dream Gamer Chapter 2

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Brazilian? Or is this some other kind of martial art I'm not aware of?

Anyhow, good post, @anjkara check it out

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you being a stickler over my spelling? do I join the #thealliance? or stay in the tavern...can't drink too much,
Have to have time to smoke my medicine;)
what are the procedures...for joining?

For the Crypto Empire, you're in, let me know in the channel if you need a banner and feel free to hang out in the tavern.
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Cool~* appreciation to you @spiritualmax I'll be heading over for a pint after Rugby.

You are speaking my language. Very cool concept/ reality. What a beautiful story. As of late, The Golden Age has felt more the Grey Age, when I have truly spent the last 20 years of my architecting the Golden Age. I shall realize this once again. yes please continue!
Such a boon for me, you downloading this dream In your brilliant mind. Thank you so, for the recognition of the truth about the false...the grey age...yes it feels like it.
Yet I sense you have always been a Dream Gamer...all the world is a yours and my Stage, theater in the round.
I say we doll it up a bit...shall we?....your Ematation has been felt and registered..
get prepared for a Golden flight into bring back Golden wisdom from the Pleromic heavens.
I sounds a bit chezzy...but I am determined to create a new algorithm from that space with everything I express.
Again..thank you for seeing.