Fallout bottle caps, a comparison of new to 200 years after the bombs fell... still as beautiful as ever!

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I just found this on Reddit, and will identify the original post here for you all to view and cherish as I did. As a gamer, and a devout Fallout super fan, I just fell in love with these right away!

What do you all think, and do you play Fallout too? If so, did these bring your mind back to the ole Wasteland as it did mine?

I'd love to discuss, and hear your bestest memories in your very own Fallout history, and thanks for stopping in to check out my silly post.

Straight from Factory <--- Comparison ---> 200 Years after the Bombs Fell

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As for me, I would have to say Fallout 3 is the best. The fourth installment is great as well, but they had tons of groundwork to build on, plus a much more advanced game system to play it on. For many, that would seal the deal. I mean, who doesn't love crisp graphics? (Not to mention ADS).

But Fallout 3 really started from the ground up, using lore from previous installments and running the Oblivion engine. What sets it apart is that they converted the classic 2D gameplay into an entire 3D world, and portrayed it lovingly with meticulously placed lore and little prizes at every corner of the map. I can't tell you how many hours I've played the game, and I still find new stuff.

Fallout 3 will always be near and dear to my heart, and I suspect someday I will replay it again, so I know exactly what you mean and how you feel.

wow so good that you back :)

Yeah, I'll be around from time to time, but no more cryptocurrency talk, I'm just going to discuss gaming, overall finance, business, card games, books, and more, so if those are your things, then feel free to stick around bud.

sound good there are other stuff in live

Ha ha, don't get me wrong, cryptocurrency is still one of my biggest passions, but I feel that the coins and tokens can speak for themselves.

yes , let the crypto work for you and spend time in some fun

You're exactly right, and I plan on doing just that mate.

i always knew you are a smart guy

Haha, though it didnt bring my mind back to wasteland, it seems similar. I played fallout 3 and i enjoyed it wrll

Fallout 1 is my favorite, but 3 is a close second that's for sure!

Thats nice, i heard fallout 4 is amazing too but have not been able to play it since my laptop got stolen

Oh dear, sorry to hear that, and 4 is fantastic, but is missing the mark in some ways, but still a great time indeed!

Wow great memory. Behind the cap there was some gift with cold drinks.

Ah, good ole Nuka Cola!

the fallout series is great these are neat :)

Yeah, the artist did a fantastic job, and paid a lot of attention to the details!

He hath returned! Enjoy your break?

Indeed I did, and have been so busy... how you been?

I've been plugging away while you've been gone but might be time to take a similar break!

Work's been crazy busy and I find myself getting distracted easily by Steemit, need to manage the balance better! Anyway welcome back, good to see you again.

And you as well my friend, and breaks are always good. I'm at least going to pop in in the mornings to maybe post and show some love, but not get too crazy with it.

@tolkatore After a long time i see your post. Yes, times goes on but the caps are still the same. That's called tradition. :) Thanks for sharing.

The pleasure was all mine, and thanks for the welcome back!

You are most welcome. Can we be good friends?

We missed your posts pal, welcome back to steemit family.

Hey thanks, and I'll be around for awhile, just need a break from time to time.

This is such fun game i used to play it all the time when i was a kid

It's one of my all-time favorite franchises, and I have so many fond memories of plying it, and still play it too actually.

come on let's have a game then...

Fallout is single player only my friend.

We will find the way to have a group game out it come on.....

Welcome back...i miss u so much and your blog also...

Ha ha, well, it'll be different from now on, but feel free to stick around.

Long time no see @tolkatore
I haven't played Fallout though

Hey, nobody is perfect. 😉

I checked it out
The first one is from 1997
I was 2 years then 😅
Of course I haven't played it

Ha ha, although I could have played it then, I actually didn't start playing Fallout until like 2002 or 2003, can't remember exactly which one of those years.

Do you still play games?

Yes, all the time, and I'll actually be posting about them on here too.

That's great ..
I'm eager to see what you come up with

OH! welcome back. how much time without knowing you, sir @tolkatore. and in what way. good post. :-D

really nice to join you

haven't played this one at all
bdw it feels good that you are back after a long time !

Ohh seems good ur back to steemit after 1month..
I dont know what the post is all about.. But i remember when i was child i used to make spinner toy from this caps.. 😄 and enjoyed playing with it..