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RE: Assassin's Creed: Origins, an ATTEMPT to revive the series

in #gaming5 years ago

I have a totally different view and I brother in-law is the game director :D Way to go Ash and team I can't wait for it. You can see him in a E3 interview here.

If you didn't know the team that is creating Origin's is the same team that created Black Flag, IMHO the best Assassin's Creed yet!

I have zero inside information to share as he is pretty tight lipped as they all must be in the gaming industry. I will say I know Ashraf well, he is my brother and he is more than excited about what they are doing. That is good enough reason for me!


I understand your view and I have no problems with your brother in law, if anything I should love the game since it's set in my homeland. The problem is Ubisoft's reputation it's hard to believe in them after all that they've done and the demo that they showed was not that great. I really do hope the game turns out well and revives the series but I just lost faith. All in all good luck to your brother in law I hope they make a a great game :D

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