My First Twine Game!

in #gaming2 years ago

I had long wanted to create a game of my own, as a kid I teamed up with my best friend to attempt to build an indie-game using another friend's uni student email. It never worked out. Just recently I discovered Twine while researching how to become a quest writer, so I downloaded the software and began making a short text-based adventure mini-game in the style of Zork, it took me a day to create. I hope you enjoy.

I published the file to a free Twine hosting service.



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Congrats @tzu-polo! In the Bananafish community, we just created in February a multiple ending story format called Quest in the Realms. It involved 11 writers and we published 57 episodes. I would be happy to see you in our small family of creative writers (see the discord link below the Bananafish banner). Cheers!

Bananafish sounds like a fun community! I'll check out Quest in the Realms and head over to your discord, would love to talk with fellow creative writers. Thanks a lot!

It's great when we join together, something interesting always happens in a way or another 🙂

Oh dude this is amazing! I have only played through once so far, but there is so much detail, and its so well put together! The fact that a single decision, like getting the coat before climbing the ladder or not, is shown in the subsequent parts. Very impressed!!

Thank you! The feedback is much appreciated and extremely motivating. Happy you enjoyed it!

The game itself is great, but the actual story is so well written and thought out, you are very very welcome!

Hope to see an entry from you in the latest @bananafish contest here - always looking for new writers of your caliber to up the competition ;)

Cheers, ooh I do like a contest!

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