Gaming Archplay - Trailer Channel # What is Archplay

in #gaminglast year

Hi guys!
This is my Youtube Channel Trailer. In the video from below is explained in a short version of what is this channel about, that it will have high-quality videos and great content. Also, it will have posted the categories from below and much more.

  • Gameplays,
  • Fast Gameplays,
  • Games Top ( every 1-2 weeks ),
  • Game of the Week ( every week )... and much more.
  • GMV, Boss Battle etc...
    I started this channel for about 3 months , It was a hard time for me getting the 1k subs and 4k watch hours.
    And now I realize that will be more harder, because of low profit from youtube .
    If you want , please support me with a like, share OR if you like my channel "repost this" on your steemit page.

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