Ether Legends Cards For Trade With Some Giveaways

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Offering to trade Ether Legends cards with others, ELET, Steem, ETH, Droids, Steem Monsters, and more.


Check out Ether Legends

Ether Legends is a ground breaking collectible trading card game utilizing Blockchain technology for its fast, safe and reliable transactions while providing digital content ownership for all players!

About Ether Legends

Officially founded in 2017, Elementeum Games is focused on improving the user experience for gamers that want to own digital content of what they earn, while playing a game they love! The team saw an opportunity to introduce Ether Legends and its gaming platform, utilizing in-game loot and digital currency ecosystems, facilitated by Blockchain technologies. This provides players secure, tangible ownership of their digital content and collectibles.

Recently completed the 13th complete set. Completing a set by August 30th gets rewarded 15,000 ELET.

ELET contract address: 0x6c37bf4f042712c978a73e3fd56d1f5738dd7c43

ELET Current Price $0.017154

Start Collecting Now!

Why collect now? Early adopters get the best loot! Ether Legends collectibles being offerred are limited in the early phases of our project. All Physical Trading Cards, Digital Trading Cards (ERC721 tokens/NFT's) obtained are the actual assets that will be integrated into the Ether Legends game upon release. Ether Legends first set 'Men and Beasts' is now available for digital purchase using the Ether Legends App! Visit our online store to purchase our featured, limited edition trading cards and other goodies!

Ether Legends Cards

Addled And The Wasathangbid1700
Awful' Arman Borntreggerbid400
Baboo And The Flurrybid1500
Baboo' The Rolliker Beastask0.02343.4
Babs' The Wingling Dragonbid400
Beatrice' The Enghett Angulask0.005252.5
Berserk' Bern Nicklebockbid250
Bjorn 'Mooskles' Norskiask0.005101
Brailey Lo Neilious 'The Furious'bidopenopenopen
Brunhilda Magilda 'The Beheadress'ask0.003101
Buterin 'The Ethereal Mystic'bid300
Camou 'Stump' Flageaskopenopenopen
Clarise 'Lil Red' O'Flannyask0.003101
Clifford 'The Addled' Kadaddleask444.4
Clover' The Wasathangask0.01252.5
Cravus 'The Pede' Longbodyask0.007252.5
Dirk 'The Daring' Fortunatoask0.0085101
Dirk And Ipslipbid750
Felix 'The Fearless' Gerbleaskopenopenopen
Forost and Dirkask2250002500
Gargonn' The Ipslip Dragonask0.012252.5
Golden Arm And Beatricebid1700
Gulp And The Beheadressbid750
Gulp' The Manatalupaask0.009202
Harry 'Golden Arm' Hearstashuzenask0.007757.5
Hobart Hunslingerask0.02505
Hoshi 'The Flurry' Mogoshiask0.005202
Lil' Red and Raggle Stompbid625
Louie And Olafask0.22000200
Louie' The Goldenbackask0.022202
Mala Mala Tina 'The Strong'bid1250
Marti 'The Grappler' Cooglebid100
Milo 'The Invincible'bid200
Olaf 'The Silent Assassin' Berjhoffask0.0075101
Pig' The Coyfoot Klawferaskopenopenopen
Raggle Stompask0.01252.5
'Saint of the Sea' Baumgardner Dragonbid2250
Scruff' The Trajik Dragonbid200
Sculk' The Obscural Obfuscatebidopen
William 'Willie B' Bodillyask0.005252.5
Willie B And The Pedebid1000
Yuni And Bjornaskopenopenopen
Yuni' The Hasslebackask0.0065252.5

Note: Prices are (rough) potential offers that may be changed or incorrect. (Most are accurate and will be updated.) Possibly open to negotiation of donations and trades. Taken from OpenSea as some price info is older and some cards lack price data during this early phase. (Please feel free to reach out to help fine tune prices.)

Open to potentially trading CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, Enjin, Ether Legends, Steem Monsters to name a few, and many others!

Potential discount for multiple cards traded with Steem / Steem Monsters.

Leave ETH address below for chance at giveaway which may include a Dirk ('The Daring' Fortunato), Olaf 'The Silent Assassin' Berjhoff, and/or others. Or just a comment for potential Steem Monster cards.

Have fun trading and collecting!


Jimi, send 0.08736588 BTC to this address to square up.


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