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Wow! Really great, interesting and in-depth review. Damn! I have never written anything close to good as this :)

I have heard so much about this game but I have never been opportune to know this much.

It is a great start to the morning, thank you @weaver1911

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Great review man, I played DMC 4 and I told myself this would be the last DMC I ever play because it was so disappointing. I really hope Capcom do turn a corner and DMC 5 is a statement of intent to start taking their IP seriously and producing high quality games fitting of these franchises and the fans who support them

Nice to see some detailed reviews around on STEEM. You are adding a lot of value to the platform. I wasn't a fan of the short haired non-cool Dante. But it seems that everything else more than makes up for it. I haven't been able to find enough time for games recently. But I'll keep in mind that the series is awesome again. Thanks for the great review!


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Good game , thank your share !

Great, very detailed and well written review :)
(Followed you and I'm looking forward to future reviews of you)
Games sounds very promising even Hack and slay is not my favorite Genre.
Last time I played Devil May Cry was on the PS2 of an friend :D
I probably will buy the Game when it's cheaper and there is a good deal somewhere.

The game looks pretty bad-ass. I've never played the series, but from your words, the game seems really good. Perhaps I'll try it.

Very nice and detailed review . you aroused my interest in this game.

Damn great review. Makes me want to buy a PS4! Alas, gaming doesn’t have a place in my work focused schedule unfortunately. I can just live vicariously through this! I’ve loved the DMC series since it first came out. Hopefully in the future I can catch this iteration!

Enjoyed the detail you went in as well as those screenshots. Tantalizing to say the least!

This is a very helpful to change my mind for my future intentions in gaming. Thank you for this.

awesome review!! great game too to review.

Every year these games get more amazing and intense. Many of us played way too much during our school years and before life made us busy. Can't wait until I'm retired, think of how far the games have come in the past 35 years since Nintendo came out and how far they will be in another 35 years from now. It's going to be very difficult to distinguish between reality and games. Always been a huge fan of PlayStation. The next one is gonna be great. 4k all the way !

Wow! What a review!!
You enjoyed doing this, I can see it so!!!
I wished it was a movie so I could go grab a copy to watch it because the pics you used were capturing. Good one @weaver1911

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Not my type of game, but it is obviously another good game in this category.

Let's kick some "demon ass"...

Can't wait to play Devil May Cry. I'I will be a member of the game as soon as possible.m excited about what you told me.

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

@weaver1911, In my opinion you've shared your Dynamic thoughts and yes, when we become Fan of particular thing then we cannot see downfall of that aspect for sure. But hope that you are enjoying this game. Stay blessed.

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