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I love the direction these indie studios are taking. I'm willing to look past a lot of things for a tiny 9 person team who wanted to focus on great single player storyline while the AAA publishers are screwing us over with Warframe clones and other games as a service BS.

I had no clue about this game and thanks a great deal for reviewing it. We need to share about these kind of real efforts to build something great. I still wish they would patch things up and polish things more over time.

@weaver1911, In my opinion stories always make gaming more explorative and more realistic and if stories are current affairs stories then more adoption will come and the pictures is reflecting that this game is epic.

The Occupation has heaps of atmosphere and enthralling puzzle-solving and exploration but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I did similar games as well as problematic bugs and technical issues. Great review though, super detailed

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Sounds like a real interesting game but statistics have it that I always love and enjoy playing only football video games. I have tried so many games but this fact is not changing :)

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