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Fellow scientists and gamers, welcome to Kerbal Space Program Series with Mr. Spacely. In this post, I will talk about what is Kerbal Space Program (KSP) as a PC game (simulation), what is the KSP Series and why I'm doing this. I'm also going to talk about tutorials for this game

Welcome to the world of Kerbals, small green creatures lost on Kerbin, their home planet. Are they going to risk their lives and try to reach the Cosmos, maybe colonizing the whole Kerbol system? Great adventures are coming so hold on tight, it's going to be whack!


Kerbal Space Program is a PC game that is leaning more to be a simulation than a game. It offers something that space and science enthusiasts have been waiting for. This physics-based space flight simulation gives you chills while playing it, the feeling you need to experience.

KSP has been released 3 years ago and immediately caught my interest. In KSP you build your own space program, your space rockets and airplanes, probes, space stations, bases and many more. This game offers you a stage for your creative space thoughts. Every part you put on your rocket has its purpose. Don't forget that you need to deal with real physics so the game is a bit harder for the beginners.

The best part of KSP game is that is Mod-enabled, so the community can create its own content. After three years, you can find a lot of KSP mods that are really changing the game in a good way. About 20 of those mods I use when I play and I will talk about them in the coming series.

The game has 3 modes: Sandbox Mode (you have all available parts, everything is free and you don't have to worry about the contracts and science), Career Mode (your parts have a price, you have contracts and you need to research science to upgrade tech tree) and Science mode (parts are free, no contracts but you need to research science). Science mode is my favorite one so in this series, I'm going to play that mode.

You can get KSP on Steam for a current price of 39,99€. You can also download official expansion pack for 14,99€.

Making History Expansion is the first official expansion pack that adds new content to KSP. It includes an immersive Mission Builder, a History Pack with missions inspired by historical events and new parts for better KSP experience.


As I am streeming on @vimm and I play KSP, I came to the conclusion that I could do this series on Steemit platform. I miss writing on Steemit and I think this is my chance to give some whack value to the community and our blockchain. I picked this game because I believe with this series, I will mix a bit of education and fun.

By education, I mean to write tutorials on how to play this game. Believe me, it's hard to play it and I've been learning basics for a long time and I'm still learning how to do a lot of things. The sole fact that I've been only to 1 other planet can tell you how hard the game is, and I played it a lot. I will also share my knowledge on how to build rockets, how to do an orbit, how to create maneuver nodes and how to land on other planets/moons.

By fun, I mean to give you a feeling that this is a TV series and that you can follow how the story goes. With funny-looking Kerbals and their silly facial expressions, I aim to bring you closer to our space station, our plans and how will we execute them, a lot of failed tests, base buildings, wobbly rockets and many more. At the end of the day, this is a PC game.

The plans and strategies

With my main man Jebediah Kerman and his crew, I am getting ready for unforgettable adventures! Since the game lets you do some crazy things, I decided to do a really big plan. I want to colonize the whole Kerbol system with at least 1 base on each planet. That will be possible to do if I do it in four phases.

In the first phase, my goal is to research science as much as I can, research our home planet Kerbin, build scan probes and gather a lot of data about the planet, build Whack Space Station where we're going to do a lot of crucial experiments. The last stage of this phase is to visit our closest moon Mun and the second one called Minmus.

In the second phase, I am going to build probes that will scan Mun and Minmus. This is crucial to do because it will give us valuable information about biome, slope, altimetry and resources. The vital info is info about resources. This will give me an opportunity to decide where we will build our first base on the moon, will it be Mun or Minmus. When I decide where to build, the crucial part of the second phase will begin. In this part, we will build our first base on one of the moons.

In the third phase, I'm going to bring resources, mining tools and storage containers to our moon base. I'm going to try to make it self -sustainable, or at least as close as I can get to that. I don't want to waste too much time on re-supplying our bases.

In the fourth phase, the real space missions will begin. We will visit the first planet, probably Duna. We will send our probes to scan other planets and their moons. The colonization of the Kerbol system will finally begin. The Kerbals will have their hopes higher than ever and the cosmic life will slowly take over. Onward to the edge...

Bear in mind that with each next phase, the missions are starting to be much more serious and they last much longer. There will be a lot of missions that will last for 2-3 hours. A lot of focus and experience is needed to complete the missions that I'm going to put in front of me but I believe that we can make it!


As I already said, this game is hard to play and it needs a lot of reading and watching tutorials on how to do a lot of things. I spent a lot of time at my beginnings and I remember how it was. So, I decided to write tutorials and let you learn with me. The tutorials will be on Steemit platform with text and pictures and I will try to write it so that every beginner can understand it. Also, I am streeming on @vimm and if you have any questions, advice, suggestions,... feel free to check my VIMM.TV profile. I am LIVE every day around 11/12 AM UTC +2.


On STEEM Blockchain, I aim to promote this series with science and gaming hashtags and try to connect those 2 communities. This is my hope, so it's going to be interested to see what's going to happen. I am also a member of a lot of gaming and science communities on Discord servers so this will help with a promotion as well.

On other social platforms, my intention is to promote STEEM Blockchain, as always. I am lucky because before STEEM, I created a page and a group on FB with intentions of spreading some real knowledge out there. In my group Science TALK I have around 13k people and this group promotes only good content, not like almost any other group on FB where you can see people fighting against each other -.-' Also, on my profile(s), I have around 8k people.

The best thing is that 90% of people from my profile(s) are science nerds. There are a few gamers, but my aim is to promote this series to the people of science. I believe that in time (if not immediately), people will get interested and start to checking our blockchain. I already talk to some of them about STEEM and hopefully this will make more people asking questions. Who knows, my part is to promote STEEM, what will happen after depends on the communities.

Kerbol System

In a hope to spark your brain to think more about science and our Cosmos and as the gaming and science community is big on STEEM Blockchain I decided to make a bridge between them so I started The KSP Series.

The STEEM Engine


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found it!

KSP is an amazing game, lots of potential for replay!

hey man! Glad you found it! YES!! KSP is simply amazing! I'm thinking about mixing videos in these series, but when my missions start to kick in.. I'll see!

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