COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: What Video Game Console Is The Best?

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Hey everyone,

In the coming months communities are coming out and I want to make one for gamers. Why should people go to Reddit to discuss patch notes and updates. This should be the place for FAQs, meta changes and that time you were winner, winner, chicken dinner. From retro to modern I want to help build a place for all gamers to gather and share their geekiness in an inclusive environment.

But today we have an important debate to settle. What is the best video game console? There are no limits, you can pick anything released from Nintendo to mobile. I will even let you have PC but if you choose that one you need to pick a 4 year span (or just name a year roughly) so its fair and the game has to be PC exclusive. Oh and no backwards compatibility. In the comments type in the system and the name of at least one game that makes you feel pushed the system to the top. I'll be on for the next hour or so responding to each.

And this is not just for steemit people. Please tweet this link, we want as many people involved as we can. New users, old users, if you have played a game, leave a comment.

When this question is brought up there are usually three that come to the top. And I can see why.

Super Nintendo:


If you are a fan of 2D gaming this was the console for you. First there was Super Mario World a game both deep and accessible. Then you have Donkey Kong Country 1-3, the Mega Man X series, Kirby and a variety of side-scrollers to keep any gamer busy. You also had some of the best RPGs that were every made. There was Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, Secret Of Evermore and Super Mario RPG. This was the system that brought you Star Fox and Mario Kart. And the first time you could play arcade games at home, even if they were not exactly the same quality. This was everything the Nintendo was but improved upon and it has some of the best classics in gaming history.

Nintendo 64:


Four player couch co-op. Yeah Super Nintendo had an attachment but who had a friend who had that? This was the console for socializing. You could sit with a group of friends and play Mario Kart 64 all day or play Goldeneye 64 and get mad when your friend screen sniped you. Goldeneye 64 is considered one of the best shooters of all time and although it didn't age too well it was ground-breaking at the time. You had more adult games like Conkers Bad Fur Day, the first step into 3D for Mario in Super Mario 64 and obscure titles like Pilotwings 64 that were a lot of fun. And who hasn't spent hours playing Mario Party? Maybe it didn't have the catalogue as other systems but the multiplayer was some of the greatest offline experiences there was.

Playstation 2:


Playstation 2 had games. A LOT of them. We are talking pass the 1,500 mark. So if variety is your thing this was the console for you. You might not have titles pop into your head when you think of ps2 but there are a lot of classics. You have one of the best survival horror games ever made Silent Hill 2, a game that can be considered art with the depth of its story. You have Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil 4 (one of the best in the series), GTA 3, FF X. There was the team Ico's classic Shadow of the Colossus, a must play game and of course Ico. You had realistic sports games like Madden and FIFA. This was the console that had it all even if it didn't have the title names that Nintendo had.

But you don't need to pick any of these. Maybe you had some great memories with a NEO GEO or a Virtual Boy. Add what you want. And if someone mentions a game you like respond, I want a fun environment here.

@ned and @andrarchy I know you guys had to game at some point.

And I will be updating this comments goal as we go.

Let's get over 200 comments - CHECK

Let's make it to 500


Although the original NES will always have a very dear place in my heart, as it truly paved the way for gaming...I'd have to go with the SNES.

Hey @jonny-clearwater, glad you joined in.

You're right about the NES, it made home gaming what it is today.

It saved the console industry and took game design to a level never seen before
Don't even make me get into the restrictions they smashed through on the coding side of things...and showed the world the capabilities of assembly language

You post inspired me, so I looked back at my time growing up with games. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

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I loved the N64 - Mario, Zelda, Mario Karts, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark took hours of my life.

But the console I loved that doesn’t get much Press was the Dreamcast. Metropolis Street Racer, Shenmue, Soul Calibur, Jet Set Radio and Chu Chu Rocket were all great fun.

Shenmue was great. And Perfect Dark was as good as Goldeneye.

SNES for Chrono Triggers and Secret of Mana

I was going to put a comment myself and it would have said Chrono Trigger SNES.

You are all wrong. The N Gage was the best. I win.


Check, any games in particular?

Read death redemption😍

persona 5 and nier: automota are both pretty great rpg. Infamous : second son and borderlands are also very enjoyable.

I think that "The Last Guardian" is one of the best games out there.

Go for the Collector's Edition, if you can. That's includes a premium statue, a premium Steelbook game case + Blu-ray game disc, 72-page art book, Digital soundtrack (10 songs), Sticker sheet.
There is a "companion book", which is not included in the Collector's Edition. The title of the book is "The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story".

The "Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End" is also a good game in my opinion.

I didn't played any of these games. I currently do not have a PS4 (and I never had so far).
I just watched videos about the games and I made my opinion based on the videos.

I did not read all the comments, but maybe you didn't see this plagiarism of your article :
(not a scam, check the https://).
Sorry if you had already benn warned.

Thanks for letting me know but they won't be making any money from it.

I know, but it's for the principle. I hate this kind of behaviour.

For me, it would be the first playstation, particularly for Final Fantasy 7! Thanks for the nostalgia!

I lost so many hours on that game... Then there was FF8.

Another great! I would say a good couple years of my gaming was donated to those characters!

I prefer FF8 over FF7.

Fite me.

Absolutely! I still to this day remember the grinding trying to beat the weapons! Or trying to get 7777 health.

Did you end up beating them, I remember grinding to take down Emerald.

I think I did all the weapons besides Emerald. Hours and hours spent on chocobo training, ruby weapon was such a good goal to get too.

Yup I agree. I recently played FF7 and 8 [I am making my way through all of the FF games] and I am excited to begin FF9 tomorrow as I just beat Dead Space 2 for the first time!

No doubt it would have to be the Playstation 2.

I spent so much time playing different versions of Tony Hawks Pro Skater on it that the image on one of the CD's eventually peeled off. That's when you know a game was well played :)

Was addicted to Tony Hawk games in the mid 2000's for years. Good times. It was like Pokemon but with skating, gotta skate em all.

YES! Tony Hawk games were so much fun. lol props for the peeled off sticker.

Haha thanks. Those games were also responsible for the majority of my music tastes today. Crazy how far a game can take you.

Nowadays I'm on an Xbox One X, only because I wanted to play the Forza series. However, I still have Skate 3 installed to keep the nostalgia going :)

How is Skate 3, I wanted to play that one. I'm on ps4 atm.

I love this game, i have skate 3 in Xbox 360 and XBOX ONE, but not play in this moment, for no have Xbox live gold :'( my Gamertag is isdaa sb pro

It's a good way to pass the time, but understandably the game 8 years old now, so don't expect cutting edge graphics.

Did you ever make your own skatepark?

I tried multiple times to make my own skateparks but none of them were ever that great. Two games I have really enjoyed making custom maps in are the Timesplitters series and GTA5 Online. I've had some custom maps and races that have turned out really well on both of those.

Thats cool. I enjoy GTA5. Im not that great at driving

Far Cry 5 has a fantastic map editor. And the community has been going gangbusters with creating awesome maps!

Nice I only recently discovered Far Cry 3 and absolutely loved it. I own Far Cry 4 now as well but have yet to play it. If and when I get a PS4 or XBone I will definitely be getting Far Cry 5!

They're very formulaic as of late, but we keep buying them because that keep making interesting characters.

Absolutely :) I even recreated some of our local skateparks in the game, so I could do things that I'd be far too afraid to try in real life.

Playing Tony Hawk always pumped me up. After playing I would go out side and try to kick flip a 3 set of stairs. Occasionally hitting my shins with the skateboard from an attempt

I still have my launch copy of THPS2. Got it the first week the game came out!

I loved my Gameboy colour and the Gameboy Advance SP. I could take it everywhere, wasn't cumbersome and it didn't take so long to get the system started.
Even the price was much better, as PlayStation games were almost twice as expensive.

I liked DBZ: legendary superwarriors for the GameBoy colour, a game where attack combos were created by typing in the buttons displayed! Each attack card cost points, and you received points depending on whether you typed in the buttons correctly. I played this game even when the Gameboy colour was long out, so great was the game! Even today I take it out and play it, I was addicted!

Sweet, game boy was so much fun. I had the original Pokemon on it.

That sounds like fun, I missed out.

gameboy advance is a great handheld console. It have some of my most favorite game.
Pokemon( gen 1 remake and gen 3), LoZ(minish cap and a link to the past.), Yu-gi-oh GX duel academy, metal slug advance, harvest moon, fire emblem, kingdom heart :CoM and the megaman battle network series are among the greatest game I had the pleasure playing.

I think my generation had it the best. We got to use our parents old commodore 64 and ataris. YAY, Pacman <3 It was my generation of kids that spent hours playing our sega and nintendo consoles, blowing the cartridges if the game froze or wouldn't load. For in our late teens into twenties appreciation the graphics of the playstation and xbox.
I couldn't simply choose one console. Way too many awesome memories with friends and family on all!!

I hear you, I had Atari when I was really young and then spent a lot of time with a NES.

It's crazy to think with all the graphics now my kids love games like minecraft and Rolox. Takes me back!!

N64, for Mario 64, Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask, Turok, THPS2, and Goldeneye. Kick ass games.

However, more recently been loving the PS3... Fallout and Bioshock baby

Thanks for your vote and reply, @whatageek! I've been loving your content. I've seen several vague references to the upcoming 'communities' addition to Steemit, don't know much about it yet but excited to take part and see your gaming community thrive!

I would say my favorite is PS2. This is mostly because I miss the good old days of playing tekken and fifa etc - and I haven’t played much on any consoles since I was 14-15. Almost 20 yrs ago!

Also miss counter-strike :) :)

I stunk at counter-strike :p. PS2 is hard to beat. I was more Street fighter than Tekken.

Street fighter was awesome! All those characters ! Miss that one too! No wonder those retro consoles cost so muc! So many people who want them back! Haha

PS 4 among all is best in my opinion..

Good pick, any games you want to mention?

GTA V, Call of duty - WWII Takken 7 my favourite ones 😍 @whatageek

Awesome, GTA 5 is crazy popular.

@whatageek I think Grand Theft Auto V is an excellent game. To parents wondering what other games it is similar to, other than GTA IV, Just Cause 2 is very similar. In both games, yes, it is possible kill civilians, but GTA V gives the players NO incentive whatsoever, and in fact rewards you for helping civilians... damn crazy game, Rockstar games are popular for developing real time games... just love it

They really do make a world, I haven't played that one but spent a lot of time on 3.

you should play IV, i personally would recommend you to play V first, wow that is as fuck 😍

I know I will get lost in it and you won't hear from me for awhile :p

you should play IV, i personally would recommend you to play V first, wow that is as fuck 😍

Play station 1 Legen of Dragoon


I got this in my home
and i love playing Super Mario on it.

It gets the nostalgic vibes on

Or this
and play Spyro enter the dragonfly
on PS2

I never played Spyro but it comes up a lot, I need to get a copy.

spyro was the Sh*t back in the day

Yeah I hear so many good things.

You can't count NES out, it was a great system.

Nintendo 64
I used to play Mario and Contra on this one, my parents only allowed me to play with it on Sunday, I eagerly waited for Sunday and took all of the frustration out of my self. I think I have played it for more than 5 years.

😂😂😂😂same here buddy my parents used to do same with me, only on Sundays... those were best days man, you can't deny 😍

I miss those days, good old days

TurboGrafx 16
I let you use the same game cartridge on both the console and handheld and was full color.

It was the switch before the switch.

Military Madness back in the day was awesome. Still stands up.

TGFX16 was a beast.
I've already made my selection, but I honestly loved every console I've ever had...and still have... At this moment I have an NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis and NEO GEO hooked up to my 60"

Nice. How does the video look at 60" ????

lol that is sick. I'm coming over :p.

I have a bunch of consoles.
My NES (although I have a couple) is the one I got for Christmas as a kid
Here's a pic of just some of the goodies we have (it's from an old post actually)

Captain Sky Hawk was a fun game for sure. If you close your eyes, you can start to see the spinning space dock entrance and you might start to hear the theme song for sure. The best thing was to get your name on the high score board.

That was one console I wished I played. I remember seeing it in a mall with Bonks. That is pretty sick it pre-dates the Switch tech.

Yep. it was the best. Plus had a four port adapter so you could have 4 people play at the same time. Longe before N64.
We use to play a wrestling game on it with 4 people, don't remember the name.

Bonk's, Military Madness and a true port of Space Harrier were my games. (NES had a port was not a true port)

Looking forward to the gaming community when they roll them out.

Same here, I'll be working my ass off to build one, hope you are a part of it :)

I will :)
Looking forward to it.
Talk to you later.

I would like to go for playstation 3 or xbox

Both good picks.

Sega Saturn gets my vote, Dreamcast close 2nd

Saturn was one I missed on but I had a dreamcast.

i feel Saturn was superior to the original playstation, not by much.
despite dreamcast's flaws, it was very innovative with the controller and online modem

I will take this bottom one for sure, pun intended.

My personal choice is PS4. It is little bit costly but it is worthy to spend money on amazing stuff. @whatageek

Yeah there are some great games on it.

I have fond memories of playing Goldeneye 007 and Pokemon Stadium on my Nintendo 64, but I would have to say that the Playstation 2 really redefined gaming for me. The number of games released for the PS2 was just phenomnimal, specifically; Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland games took up a lot of my teenage years. These days the Nintendo Switch is fast becoming one of my favourite gaming consoles.

It is a hard choice between the two of them but ps2 took a lot of my time too. I hear so many great things about the Switch

The Switch is fantastic. I don't fly all too often, but whenever I do, the Switch definitely can make a long flight pass a little quicker. Nothing like playing Mario Kart at 37,000 feet in the air or even a game like Snipperclips. Nintendo really nailed this console, especially after the embarrassment of the Wii-U console, which had to happen before we got the Switch.

Sadly I don't have a lot of time these days to game, my PS4 sat unused for over six months before I bit the bullet and sold it. And even with limited time, the Switch is just so accessible, that I have gamed more with it in the past year than I have the last four years with my PS4.

Ps2, of course!

nice post ;) but in my opinion i definitely choose Xbox 360. It was the best console from 2005 and i still have it. The console was very fast , i could run all games and i hadn't to buy a new PC to upgrade my resolutions e.t.c .

I still remember th tournaments we used to play on the super nintendo me and my friends and cousins
Best days are the old days
Thanks for the nice post @whatageek

I had some epic Tetris Attack matches with a friend.

Hahahaha i really miss these old days great job what u did 👍🏼

If you are going to allow PC then I say the Commodore 64 counts too. That would be my pick :). Hard to pick specific games but the Gold Box AD&D games along with numerous other RPGs, Impossible Mission, and the Broderbund games like Spelunker and Rain On Bungeling Bay come to mind.

commodore 64 def counts. I was Atari, but those games sound sweet. Love old school rpgs.

I love RPGs including Paper Mario.

Well I loved all of them at one time, but I certainly logged more hours playing Nintendo's Mario Brother's than anything else.

Mario was a great time. Super Mario World or Mario 3?

I remember playing Mario 3 for 12 hours a day over and over again. It was the crack of my Thanks for the upvote brother you have some juice!

I forgot I also would played Driver on Playstation endlessly! I never beat it though, I couldn't get past that last car..argghh

Mario 3 was a big time in my life as well. After that, Mario 64.

I never played 64 I must have moved onto another platform by then. It's funny aside from Nintendo we always went with the less popular system. I remember choosing the 3DO over PlayStation when they came out. It honestly was a better platform that went unnoticed. We also had Turbo Graphix, the good old days.

What is 3DO? Playstation was pretty exciting when it came out even as a Nintendo Only Lover. I was still excited to go over to Bill's to play Playstation and never had a PS myself but loved Twisted Metal.

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PS2 !!

PS2 for sure it had such a long run in the gaming world and brought us Simpson's Roadrage and Starwars Battlefront, not to mention it can be thanked for a real rise in NBA 2k looking back the graphics werent great but at that time they were and for the most part it was reliable. The controllers were nice and sturdy too because believe me there were plenty that got slammed or thrown back in the day 😂.

Lol hey it happened. Good pick

It was happening for ages I mean even when the PS3 came out people were still bashing the PS2 they were everywhere and affordable, I loved the PS1 as well but definitely inferior to N64 and possibly even the Super Nintendo the PS1 is often forgotten though.

Ooh, you opened a can of worms, here. I won't write a page-length comment, as it's unlikely anyone will read this, but I have to weigh in:

I'm gonna have to say that, so far, the Nintendo 64 reigns supreme. It's for the reasons you stated - straight out of the box four-player co-op can't be beat, and while there have been many games for other systems that I've enjoyed, there are no others from which I have so many fond memories with family and friends.

James Bond Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 was good fun back in the days :)

Yes, I had Golden Eye, and it had like a secret character we unlocked. I think he was short which means the other characters were too tall and would miss him when shooting at him. Fun times in the late 90's in Oregon with family and friends when I wasn't playing Mario games.

X-box, I love it so much with games like max payne, car race and the most important one the football 543.JPG

The best console of all the times it´s the SNES even that other consoles follow its path like playstation and xbox, with very good graphics but the same design and style. SNES forever!

Good pick :)

for me the playstation 2 console, I remember the hundreds of times I played pro evolution soccer with my cousins

That game has come up a couple of times.

I liked the TurboGrafx-16.

Super Nintendo for sure. Then again that could just be childhood nostalgia talking. But it's genius was in it's simplicity.

Easy to play, hard to win. That's what made those early console games so special.

Nintendo 64 all the way!!

Sega Dreamcast will never be forgotten.

You know, I'm loving my PS4 but I'm heavily biased. I love the simplicity of using the console and the games that have been released on it.

I spent freaking days playing Last of Us, and the multiplayer on that game was freaking amazing. I always go back to it time and again. It was solely the best single player campaign that I have ever experienced.

Now I play Fortnite, but I know that was released on other platforms too. It's a crap tonne of fun.

But yes, PS4 all the way for me. I'm probably a bit of a Fanboy.

All those memories with the PS2, those were the days. lol!!! But its true though, for me at-least.

Virtual Boy! Just kidding, though I have Nester's Funky Bowling burnt into my retina as a red after-image. That game rocked.

The game I became addicted to was Bust A Move (2007) for Nintendo Wii. Countless lost hours of bubble popping. So the Wii would get my vote.

I will have to go with the SNES since it's the console I really grew up with, even though I started on the NES I didn't actually own a console until the SNES was released.

I was almost 6 years old when it was released and got it while on a camping trip. I was the first person I knew to have it. When I first started playing Super Mario World I was amazed!

Still play retro games today, sold my collection though.

I was born in 1985 and we had a NES and a SNES. But like you, the focus was more on SNES, especially Mario World. Another exciting game was Turtles in Time.

Great games.

this remains my choice. despite having to slam bones to make money to buy this game

Yeah that system wasn't cheap...

Yes, it is true. in my place it costs around $ 240. I save from my salary.


Wow,reminds me of my childhood that is very happy to play the game, I have PS 1 and PS 2, My Playstation 2 is very special because I buy from the hard work of saving money , imagine when I was a kid ... Many interesting and legendary games like GTA , Tekken, Harvestmoon, Godhand, etc. It was a very happy time, NICE post @whatageek

Harvest moon!

Tekken might be even cooler than Mortal Kombat. Very raw raw exciting.

I'm a fan of playing I think it's a wonderful development
Great article
You are a wonderful person. You must follow us constantly until you learn from you. Thank you

I enjoyed tousands of hours with my playstation, Even I istill have my PS I, and its still working like the first day.
In another hand, That was the golden age of video games, just for example, Square Soft will never be again like it was. FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Chrono Cross...

It had some classic rpgs.

Final Fantasy games truly are epic like a never ending story.

Back in the 80's : ATARI.jpg
Rock the world, with only your own mental speed you could spent hours and hours with: PITFALL, SPACE INVADERS, DONKEY KONG, STAR WARS, TRON, MARIO BROS, JOUST, INDY 500, JUNGLE HUNT, STAR RAIDERS, and so on....I´m sure you would be amazed with the numbers of titles released by ATARI, and with just one button you could do so many tricks

in the most present time I would vote Playstation 2 of course.

I grew up with Nintendo, but had Atari consoles & maybe a few others. Was born in 1985 and got into Atari a little in the 1990's and it was exciting and mysterious to play older games from the 80's and 70's, even as they were older.

Same here and thank you fro all your comments :)

This is a very good initiative for you. I had a great desire to know about such a particular gaming device. Where your post was a special one for me. Thank you very much for posting this kind of post. Move forward

Its Not On the List But my All time Favorite would be GameCube Or The Sega It Was The best Handheld System at the Time!

#PS2 😎

  • Final Fantasy X for PS2 was my favorite.
    Sooo many different sidequests / Aeons / minigames :)

Pegasus very popular SNES clone in Poland

And Rambo! Atari clone

Amiga CD32

That crazy Russian console


Tetris :P

Tamagotchi lol

Polish console TVG-10

I cant get enough of the retro games, for me ill go with snes- contra 3 the alien war, street fighter 2 the world warrior, legend of zelda. An the list goes on. But all those consoles listed were great. Right now im running retro pie on my raspberry pi.

Friend @whatageek, I am a video game fan of all the history and after so much time, I have returned to find happiness in a single platform, which I recommend in the following link

I like this new console a lot because it has great NES games. I hope that you like.

I had a SNES like this but this one looks unique. It has a different color scheme. I like it. Mine didn't have built-in games.

I'm really gonna have to go with the NES. (Mostly for personal reasons, not gameplay.) I'm unable to play 3D games because I get insanely sick with motion sickness, and side-scrollers are the only games I can play, so now I'm just kinda stuck in a perpetual state of nostalgia with NES games. Love 'em.

I loved my Gameboy colour and the Gameboy Advance SP. I could take it everywhere, wasn't cumbersome and it didn't take so long to get the system started.
Even the price was much better, as PlayStation games were almost twice as expensive.

I liked DBZ: legendary superwarriors for the GameBoy colour, a game where attack combos were created by typing in the buttons displayed! Each attack card cost points, and you received points depending on whether you typed in the buttons correctly. I played this game even when the Gameboy colour was long out, so great was the game! Even today I take it out and play it, I was addicted!

I got to have the ps2 and I really liked it a lot even I still like it. I could not have anything else because of the terrible economic situation in Venezuela and it is very expensive to have anything.

Remember the game shark

Game Shark is cool and reminds me of the Game Genie commercials.

Nice, any games you really like?

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

I played BOF 2 back in the SNES days.