Why Fortnite And PUBG Are So Popular: Opinion Piece

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So if you are a gamer I am sure you have heard of Fortnite. If you are not a game you probably have heard of fortnite. Why, because it is everywhere. And good for them. Before was Players Unknown Battleground, a title I have to always look up. Considering how hard that name is to remember it is impressive how popular the game got :p. Now you cannot watch a stream without someone playing one of the two games. But how did we get here? I think it comes down to one thing, view-ability, which is a term I coining right now.

The world of gaming has changed a lot over the years and the biggest change is that is has become a spectator sport. This come with pro players who would kick your ass online to people who can make you laugh on camera. This means that games that are fun to watch are the ones that become popular. If you have heard of slender Man or Five Nights At Freddy's it is probably because somebody uploaded videos of themselves playing the game and acting scared. It was something people liked to watch and it really helped propel the games into popularity. And yes I would scream like a baby too if I played a first person horror game.

But now we have moved on to the Hunger Games like games. 100 people, only one person or team can survive, and go! This type of game play is great for streaming; it has a quick start, anyone can watch without spoilers, it has an intensity as you don't know if the player will win or not, and it is short enough to digest. These games are made for streaming. And because of that they have skyrocketed into the screens of gamers and views.

There are other factors, like the game is easy to pick up and play and it a quality experience. But the streaming really pushed it into the mainstream. And I think the fact the fortnite is free-to-play is what helped to give the game an edge over PUBG.

What do you think? Have you played either? And if not then get on it for dtube :p



Haha ,agree to that . I’m 90’s kid and saw how game evolved. I myself also play PUBG . but I never tried to record it yet . 😊😊😊

Nice article I really enjoyed

I love streaming games , have you gone live before i would love to see you brother .
Great post .

Both are great games with a high fun factor, but my favourite game is PUBG😌
Fortnite is more like Minecraft with guns but also funny and nice to play. 🎮
A big + for fortnite that it‘s for free🙌🏽

Fortnite sucks pubg wins

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