INSANE CART TRAP EXPLOTION! #1 Fortnite on Your Best Friends Fortnite Channel - 720p support!

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Your Best Friends Fortnite Channel uploads daily the best of fortnite moments out there.
I love to watch fortnite but recognized that there is a big difference in quality between different videos.

So I decided to create the highest quality fortnite best moments channel of all.

If you have ideas, want to see more of a certain topic or have any feedback, just let me know and I will include it.

💪💪All videos are 720p and hosted on my own IPFS server to make the network stronger. If you have any questions or want to create an IPFS node on your own, just hit me up.
I am happy to help and build the community!

📩📩If you want to get featured in the daily highlight video just open the link below and fill out the form.
Send me Your Moment:

🔥🔥More Fortnite Videos:


Good job, excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Sure, get ready for the next one today :)

Good moring i resteemed your post cos you surprise me ,please can you teach me how you got all those steem ,i will want to follow your foot step

Hi my friend, thanks for resteeming! If you are interested to be involved in my project just contact me here:
Have a great day! Your Best Friend Tim

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I love that they brought shopping carts back finally. Also I have seen a half-pipe on the map, hoping for more halfpipe / shopping cart vids :D

Absolutely! I will try to find more clips and create some more cart videos my friend :)

it will going to be more interesting,thanks sir