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The people in this Steemspeak Discord server https://steemit.com/@steemspeak, under direction of fyrstikken, are using satellite based nano wired voice to skull (V2k) gangstalking technology.. They use this for crypto currency market manipulation of the entire market under the guise of decentralization. Along with what seems to be their order, they hack, stalk and centralize everyone that enters this chat. I have witnessed this for over 3 years. Do not enter this discord server. WARNING-GOVERNMENT-GANGSTALKING.

People that frequent here claim to have worked at the NSA and the FBI. Decomissioned brokers along with fellow stalkees admit to being "interviewed" like the big boys do. I have also witnessed this.

This steemspeak server is a reverse honeypot. They act as activists but work for a goverment entity, to stalk, intimidate and make thier victims suffer V2k to death. There is nothing to stop this. Police are using similar technologies and wont act on it because its beyond illegal and are facing jail or punishment themselves. You will be fully gangstalked in your lifetime if you enter this server https://steemit.com/@steemspeak. Ran and owned by this man http://www.steemit.com/@fyrstikken. You can bet both balls on it.

Hackers and governments listen for years before they let you know your circumvented, we are not safe. They make and commercialize stalking products then leave and allow security holes for the purpose of stalking. Governments are using this to sort, intimidate and make this everyones future. Welcome to gods world.



You can call me Agent 421-09-6781-t

careful posting your social securitee number like that

Did you know SECURITY is just the shortened version of SUCKER YOUR IT Y SEC-URIT-Y lol a little craziness from Alan Watts

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see exactly, proof am not an agent

Awaiting permission to 'Take Out' the target Ma'am. ~ Your Ninja Assassin

maybe my "Unfuck Yourself" initiative will happen afterall, thanks kerris - Nyx Nightingale


your penis art is subconscious phallic imprints to keep the patriarchy in charge

The V2K essentially works by entering your body through the air (chemtrails), through your food and also added to the water supplies. Basically you are ingesting nanites ( nano technology) which contain gold molecular transducer / transponder antennas which get stuck into your brain tissues and other soft tissues which in turn make you into a giant antenna.. You as a human antenna can then be targeted with microwaves that are digitally modulated in order to make you hear voices in your head. Probably giving you cancer too.

This information is classified and I'll probably get in trouble for sharing it.. But I figured you should know.

Agent 420-69-1337-K Erm... I mean KLYE signing off.

What do you use as a unique marker to accomplish the attachment of this dust to each of the individuals dusted? Your saying this smart dust can smell your dna on contact?

Every human has their own distinct resonant frequency.. In part due to their DNA among other biological metrics. Once you've locked on to a human node it's easy to adjust the hunting algorithm to track them if they have small fluctuations in frequency. The smart dust is so small it can be absorbed through cell membranes and become part of the cells..

They do have a shelf life of about 2 years or so, but given you're always ingesting them it's unlikely you'll ever be fully rid of the nanites. It has taken time for the nanite concentration in the population to get to the point the system works properly, however we've reached the saturation point where the synthetic telepathy can be used.

Further information about the system can be viewed in this patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2005055579A1

I'll probably get liquidated for sharing this information but it's about time someone came forward to whistleblow on this stuff, It's only a matter of time before the weaponized 5G systems and nanites have completed changed the course of human thought, action and future.

Good luck man!

you know who else put people on lists? the nazis
js, feels like you're doing the same to some who you claim are doing that
"don't become the monsters you say you fight!"
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Exactly you Nazi cunt

These people will do nothing but try and get you to put your head thru a wall. Shock collaring you on the simplest of conclusions to exert the most aggravating pressure possible.


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um, no....my mission is to unfuck not fuck

why don't you ask steemit why they silently changed how you can post things sans Nord? You want a rabbit hole sir? it ain't steemspeak ffs
Have a nice weekend and maybe unplug from the matrix like I do, Wifi all the time ain't kosher

stopped my migraines sqube, thanks for the well wishes, you hurt my feelings by putting me on a list..... :( Ackza says he is resteeming and maybe the real reverse honeypotters will be revealed, on that list can't say anyone save one fits the bill of a brainless shill

Difficult to tell if this is a joke or not but its getting Upvoted for the drama and humor.

not a joke, sup Ackza's friend tytran :)

Both balls

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gang stalkers they are

Damn. I did not even make the list! I am devastated!

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