Protecting The Garden

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There are millions of bugs that want to eat your garden. With that many enemies, how can you keep your garden and food safe from being eaten? I use a few different ways to keep my veggies safe. First I will use row covers to protect my plants from the bugs that want to demolish them. The white cloth in the picture above is an example of the row covers. The row covers can be rolled down all the way to the ground to block the plants off from the rest of the world. When or if the little demon bugs get past the row covers then I will use Diatomaceous Earth aka DE. The DE is all natural and safe for humans to eat but it will mess up any creepy crawly that comes in contact with is. When the bugs come in contact with the DE it cuts and knicks them. Because of those cuts and knicks the bug will lose mousture dryout and die. It is important to note that the DE does not discrimate. In other words an bug/insect that comes in contect with it will get messed up. Yes even the good bugs like bees, lady bugs and praying manits. In the video below ill show you how I use the DE.