Fungal Bloom on Bag of Mulch

in #garden2 years ago

Hello friends! These pictures I took at a landscape store that was selling mulch. I was looking to buy a small quantity of it for my yard. These bags had cedar shreds inside. As you can see from the second picture, the words on the bag suggest that it is pest-resistant.

But look at those other pictures! Obviously, such that someone can see it was quite contaminated within the bag. After a rain, mushrooms or other fungus were going like crazy in the bag of wood bark. Inside it was perfect environment for them with humidity and probably warmth.

Fungus like this indicates healthy soil, actually. Mushrooms and fungus assist in the breakdown of materials into good garden soil and they have other benefits. They are not pests. I took a bag of this home and spread it in my yard, happy with the mycological addition.






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