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Hello everyone, today i am starting my blogg with my home garden. its in my upperside of house.
i started my gardening when i completed my graduation and on that time i was totaly free. i am trying to find my job and on that free time i like to do that thing. i eat lots of thongs from my garden everyday. there are chili tree, papaya tree, mangoo tree, capsicum tree. all about is i like all of them. i like to pass time on that when i feel free.

today i am showing you some capsicum tree and
Orange tree. orange is my favourite fruit. i plant this tree 1 last year amd now its growing. this year inate 2 orange amd i am hoping next year there counts wil grown. there are also coconut tree in my front door of house. i also tale care of them. you can see this coconut tree besides the orange tree .





i hope you like my blogg very much. hoping to show you good things. give me a wish
tale care everyone.



very nice garden dear brother